• Comcast Rolls Out Xfinity Services For TV, Video, Film

    Comcast is rolling out its Xfinity TV brand, which has been tested over the last year. Comcast Corp. says 150,000 TV shows, movies and other video content will be available on laptops and other digital devices from 90 different movie and TV partners, including Time Warner's HBO or Viacom's Paramount Pictures. ...Read the whole story

  • Game Over: Consoles Now Rival VCRs As Alternate TV Viewing Channel

    TV may be going everywhere - from hand-held mobile to streaming Internet services and devices - but one of the biggest alternate channels for television content is already in millions of American households: video game console devices such as Microsoft's Xbox, Sony's PS3, and Nintendo's Wii. According to new research being released today by Knowledge Networks, one in five U.S. consumers already is using game systems to watch TV or movie content at least once a month. ...Read the whole story

Time Shifters More Demanding

According to SAY Media, with comScore and TRU, consumers who've shifted the majority of their video viewing to non-live video content make up a significant portion of the adult, online population in the United States. This Off-the-Grid group represents nearly one third of the adult, online population in the United States -nearly 56 million people and growing, says the report. ...More

  • Keeping Video Growing: Our Shared Responsibility

    The Wall Street Journal recently reported that "in the first six months of 2010, advertisers spent $627 million on video ads," a significant increase from the year-ago period. This statistic makes it clear that online video's combination of sight, sound and motion is an especially effective one for advertisers, something that comes as no surprise to broadcast veterans. The addition of interactive capabilities further enhances the user experience and increases advertiser benefit. But in order to maintain this pace of growth, each of the stakeholders involved need to rally around maintaining advertiser value. For the ecosystem to thrive, all parties ...More

  • Video Gets Specific: Vanderhook On Buying BBE

    As Mediapost's AdNets conference returns to New York on Nov. 2, it will mark about two years since we started this show to cover what was then the "400 ad networks cluttering the market," or so many said. Even then the conventional wisdom stated there would be a great and necessary consolidation of these many vertical, horizontal, platform-specific nets and the many targeting and data technologies mushrooming up around them. Well, here we are two years later, with hundreds of players still standing and little evidence that the market is going to consolidate soon. But this week did bring a ...More

  • What The Numbers Tell Us (And Don't Tell Us) About Search Marketing Campaigns In Q3

    WebVisible released interesting statistics Thursday in its State of the Small Online Advertising report that suggests small businesses are ready to experiment with new media and have begun to better understand search marketing. The average small business search advertiser spent $2,373 in Q3 2010, up 6.4%, sequentially, and 43% compared with the year-ago quarter. ...More

  • The Metadata Dilemma: The Prequel

    Imagine winning an eight-figure lottery only to find that your winnings are locked in a vault - and you must guess the combination. You have your eyes firmly fixed on the prize and on all the things you want to do with your newfound assets, but you must first rise to this seemingly insurmountable challenge. This is much the plight of content owners in the digital media business. This group possesses priceless assets in the form of huge libraries of movies and television shows dating back decades. These libraries are ever-expanding in size and content. ...More