Monday, October 24, 2011

      Around The Net

      • Google Changes Viewed Keyword Referral DataSEOmoz

        Last week Google announced that signed-in users would default to a SSL version of for searches, but that shift changes the way most searchers find information on the engine. Unfortunately, it eliminates the ability to track referral keywords in Google Analytics. Fortunately, Rand Fishkin gives marketers a workaround for the way Google serves keyword referral data. He tell us it will have an "unfortunate impact" on SEO professionals. Fishkin analyzes the changes Google made, and provides advice on what marketers can do to ease the pain. ...Read the whole story

      • Yahoo's Fate In Hands Of Equity Investments?Search Engine Watch

        Yahoo's Jerry Yang assures the ad and search industries that a buyout is the only option being considered, according to Rob Young. It turns out that both Microsoft and Alibaba continue to seek support from other investors. Young points to an article in The Wall Street Journal that suggests Microsoft wants to partner with Silver Lake Partners, and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Group, as Alibaba searches for private equity groups to participate.  ...Read the whole story

      • Digital Permission Marketing Comes Of AgeSocial Media Examiner

        Search marketers should pay attention to digital permissions such as mobile and social opt-ins, including Like-gated Facebook pages, to maintain a trusted relationship with consumers. Kane Russell tells us why these digital permissions will become more important and how social differs from mobile, and reveals ways to implement them and the technology behind opt-ins and compliance.  ...Read the whole story

      • Does Google Consider Historic Data In Query Results?SEO By The Sea

        Bill Slawski looks at Google's Information Retrieval -- based on historical data -- a patent granted in 2008 that takes advantage of recording continuous changes to a site. The patent focuses on two goals -- to help identify Web spam, and to avoid stale documents being returned in response to a query. It raises questions such as how important the age of domains and links has become, and whether Google favors fresh content sites over others. Other considerations include the weight of Web sites on rankings, and when someone new purchases a Web site and makes changes does the PageRank for that site start to ... ...Read the whole story

      Time To Leverage Current News Stories -- AND Create Evergreen Videos

      News doesn't need to be gory, gruesome or tragic to break in real time, be shared through social media, and ripple throughout the media ecosystem. In other words, often enough, publishers will turn to breaking news ...More