Backwards To The Future

It seems like over the last several years, in every major interview, the same general questions are being asked of entertainment executives: “Where do you see the future of television?” “How is digital media going to impact programming?” “What’s next for digital and entertainment?” All major conferences or events I’ve attended have addressed these topics through multiple sessions. While it may seem that these questions were on everyone’s mind only in recent years, it’s fascinating to take a step back and see that the reverse is true. 2012 marks the 15th anniversary of the Television Academy Foundation’s Archive of American ...More

  • Charles Barkley and Lenny Clarke: Ideal Weight Watchers Spokesmen

    I got into it with a crudit platter during the Super Bowl. It was sitting there, all smug and superior, among the empty beverage vessels and strip-mined chicken wings that, just hours before, had teemed with such promise. As I crammed another fistful of mini-weenies into my maw, the carrots and plum tomatoes got all up in my bid-ness: "Hey blimpie boy - why not try chewing with your mouth closed?" Never cowed by taunts from insentient foodstuffs, I shot back, "Oh yeah? You're stupid and dumb and nobody likes your dumb stupid niacin!" I looked up to find the ...More

  • Increasing Control: The Rise Of The Gated Community

    For every media outlet, there can only be one lead story. And, for all of the growth that's happened in the online video industry over the last decade, there's little argument that in terms of overall buzz, advancements in social networking regularly edge us out. Twitter facilitated revolutions throughout the Middle East; online video showed us the gritty aftermath. Facebook transformed the way people interact with one another; YouTube proved that one small child getting his finger bitten by an even smaller child could bring precious seconds of entertainment to millions. I'll throw my name into the large pool of ...More

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