Friday, March 2, 2012
  • Tablet Ads Have Twice Interaction Rate Of Phones

    The latest research from mobile video ad network Rhythm NewMedia provides further evidence that tablet ads are more inviting than those on mobile phones. In its fourth-quarter report, the company said full-page display ads on tablets had a 21% engagement rate compared to 9.4% for the same ad units on smartphones. ...Read the whole story

  • Tiger Beer Brewer Backs Street Football

    The campaign creative depicts a pair of players going one-on-one on an urban street, with computer graphics making the two seem to stream ribbons and shards of color as they play. ...Read the whole story

  • YuMe To Debut Algorithm To Aid Video Ad Placement

    Media buyers are always looking for better ways to evaluate expected campaign performance. Video ad network YuMe on Thursday is expected to launch a proprietary algorithm that aims to identify the best placement of video ads across digital properties. ...Read the whole story

    Chevy Sonic Campaign Proves Entertaining... And That's About It

    As a member of a certain demographic subset - grunty dudes who enjoy popular entertainments in which stuff done gets all exploded up like KABOOM! - I constantly find myself under marketing siege by automakers. Usually, ...More

    • TV Sourcing and Viewing Continues to Change

      According to the latest Nielsen Cross-Platform Report Americans spend more than 33 hours per week watching video across the screens, but how they're consuming content, traditional TV and otherwise, is changing. Consumers are increasingly making Internet ...More

    • 'A Voice of the TV Viewer' 'NY Times' Ad: Who, What, And Why?

      As a subscriber to the print version of the New York Times, I saw an ad on Super Bowl Sunday with the visual of two TV sets side by side, each tuned to an american football ...More