If Online Video Were A Baseball Game: Inning-by-Inning Summary

You always hear how online video is in the "early innings." Perhaps, but tell that to anyone who's worked in online video for years, and they'll roll their eyes, saying the industry's been around forever, and sometimes it feels like we're in the dog days of August. But today, we'll look at the history of online video as if it were a baseball game. ...More

  • NFL = Not For Long, As Super Bowl Finally Crosses MultiPlatform, Multi-Device Line

    When the New England Patriots kicked off to the New York Giants for Super Bowl 46, 111.3 million people were watching the game on television sets around the world. And this year the NFL, one of the most successful sports -- and yes, media -- brands in the world, debuted the broadcast on more than just television screens. For the first time ever, the Super Bowl was streamed live via the Internet. The NFL -- like many video content providers -- is adopting a multiplatform, multi-device strategy for delivering its valuable content. ...More