UGC and Social Dominate Online Video Viewing

While advertising might not be running against all of it, user-generated content and video on social networks represent the large majority of online video viewing, according to a new report from AccuStream Research titled "Internet Video 2011-2014: View, Share, Site, and User Analytics." ...More

  • Agnostics, Go Home: We Want Platform Committers

    Content creators love to brag about how their work is "platform-agnostic." It means that their video content is free to roam onto any platform, be it TV, mobile, PC, tablet, etc. This is generally seen as a positive because even just a few years ago, getting video content onto more than just its original platform was in itself an achievement. But a recent conversation changed my view of platform-agnostic -- forever. The crux of the conversation was this: Brands and content creators shouldn't focus on being platform-agnostic; they need to focus on becoming platform-committed. ...More