Best Practices In Mobile Video Advertising

According to a recent report from AAAA Media Mind, mobile ads reach "one out of every three consumers." Therefore, the key for most industry insiders is not if mobile video advertising is the best strategy for their clients, but rather how to effectively engage consumers in a way that translates into revenue and sales growth. ...More

  • LG Does March Wrong

    The single most tone-deaf marketing campaign in recent history commences, in any number of commercials that have wallpapered TV coverage of the 2012 NCAA hoops tournament, with the following cornball flourish: "Is it 'March monotony'? Is it 'March more-of-the-same'? No-ho-ho-ho! It's 'March Madness,' people!" The campaign arrives courtesy of LG and current pundit/former college and pro star Greg Anthony, who attempt with no small measure of corporate gusto to link enjoyment of the games with the quality and character of surrounding appliances. It is overplayed and underthought, and I hate it with the unbridled heat of a thousand off-brand convection ...More