Wednesday, March 28, 2012

    Around The Net

    • Xbox Live Adds HBO Go, Comcast VODGigaOm

      So consumers can devote their computers entirely to tax business, Microsoft’s XBox Live is finally adding Comcast’s video-on-demand service, HBO Go, and “Both Comcast and HBO were among the first new content partners when Microsoft announced changes to its Xbox Live user interface and new content deals,” recalls GigaOm. “But they’re some of the last partners to come online as Microsoft has staggered updates of its various content partners’ software over the last several months.” “It’s big news is my household because we own Xbox,” writes Forbes contributor Michael Humphrey. “If you own Boxee, or Apple TV, you’re probably shrugging right now.” ... ...Read the whole story

    Best Practices In Mobile Video Advertising

    According to a recent report from AAAA Media Mind, mobile ads reach "one out of every three consumers." Therefore, the key for most industry insiders is not if mobile video advertising is the best strategy for ...More

    • LG Does March Wrong

      The single most tone-deaf marketing campaign in recent history commences, in any number of commercials that have wallpapered TV coverage of the 2012 NCAA hoops tournament, with the following cornball flourish: "Is it 'March monotony'? Is ...More