• Gen Y: The Digital Divide Gets Deeper

    Ewan Duncan, a principal in the Seattle office of McKinsey & Co. and co-leader of its Consumer research, tells Marketing Daily why the separation of generations is accelerating, and what marketers need to know. ...Read the whole story

  • CBS Interactive Acquires Ad Rights To Top eSports Players

    In a bid to take so-called eSports mainstream, CBS Interactive Tuesday revealed exclusive partnerships with two of the competitive video game industry's biggest players -- TwitchTV and Major League Gaming -- to handle ad sales. TwitchTV is an online platform broadcasting live coverage of "eSports," including competitive video game competitions. MLG is the world's largest competitive video game league. ...Read the whole story

  • Hulu Changes Ad Commitments To Benefit Brands

    Raising the bar for all online publishers, Hulu has committed to only bill brands and agencies for ads that viewers watch in their entirety. Jean-Paul Colaco, Hulu's senior vice president, advertising, sees the move as an extension of Hulu's intrinsic brand-friendly nature. ...Read the whole story

  • Nielsen Strengthens Online Campaign Ratings For Ads

    Nielsen has inked a deal to buttress its Online Campaign Ratings, days after AOL said it would use the data as a first-of-its-kind carrot to attract more video advertising. Under the arrangement, Nielsen will meld data from AdSafe Media on whether a particular ad ran in a "safe" environment into the OCR system. ...Read the whole story

VideoDaily Roundup: Welcome!

Welcome to the VideoDaily Roundup, a new daily news column covering everything and anything in the world of online video that you need to know, brought to you by yours truly, all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa -- which is famous for, among other things, crime, slow Internet speeds, and pay-as-you-go mobile and online data plans. Indeed, not only do I have worse buffering problems than you do, but I must pay extra for it, too -- practically by the megabyte. ...More

  • Hulu's Unsettled Future; FCC Looks Into Comcast Net Neutrality Row

    Welcome to Wednesday's VideoDaily Roundup. Today we'll look at: Hulu's future ahead of its first upfront; the FCC's watch over Comcast's anti-Net neutrality practices; Brightcove's launch of a new video paywall solution; a survey reporting on the prevalence of Connected TVs; and Nissan's new video series for the DeltaWing racing car. ...More

  • Don't Demonize The Brands

    Maybe it's the 15 years I spent running a marketing agency. Maybe it's my love of brand building and advertising. Or maybe it's my annoyingly persistent sense of fairness. Whatever the reason, I find myself increasingly disheartened by the prevalent and seemingly universal acceptance by video networks that it's okay to demonize the brands that pay our bills in the name of keeping viewers happy. ...More

  • "First Car Story" Takes Drivers Down Memory Lane. But What's The Brand Behind It?

    Oh, so you want to hear my First Car Story, do you? It dates back to the late 1980s, when I was but a lad with shaky confidence and a few wisps of hair-like filament sprouting in the uncharted terrain between my nose and upper lip. Partly through the frowned-upon sharing of Algebra II notes, I managed to secure for myself a single date with a young miss who I'll call "Phoebe Cates." Phoebe and I had a fine time during dinner, owing mostly to my probing, conversation-fueling questions ("so, what's going on?," "everything good?," "can you please pass the ...More