• VOD Delivery May Offer $1 Bil Ad Haul

    VOD climbed 17% -- 1 billion transactions -- to 8.8 billion in 2011. More than three-quarters of those transactions -- 6.8 billion -- were for free content, so-called free-on-demand. Rentrak, the media researcher, claims "the potential value of the ad inventory in these programs is at least $1 billion." It estimates there are an average of five hours and 17 free-on-demand television shows watched per month. ...Read the whole story

VideoDaily Roundup: Hulu Accounts For 21% Of Video Ads Viewed In March

Happy Friday, folks. Today's Video Daily Roundup starts with a look at how Hulu and Google's ads fared in comScore's March Online Video Rankings. Next, we'll look at the media bigwigs being asked to testify before a Senate hearing on video migration. After that, we have two contrasting, but equally effective video spots (be sure to check them both out), and lastly, SlashGear warns that Netflix may be losing its way. ...More

  • Investing In Online Video? Three Things You Should Know

    With both digital and TV upfronts just a few weeks away, a number of brands are reassessing where they'll put their marketing dollars next. There are many compelling arguments for investing in online video, but there are a lot of questions as well. Specifically: For brands that are just getting started, what do they really need to think about if they're investing in digital video? ...More

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