Monday, May 7, 2012
      VideoDaily Roundup: Most Publishers Still Face Scale Problems

      Today's Roundup starts off with a scary proposition for all video publishers not named YouTube or Hulu: that video ad sales growth for many of them is modest, flat, or declining. Over in the music biz, ...More

      • TV By The Byte: Monty Python Repackages Sketches For iPhone

        A new app from Monty Python and Heuristic Media parses the comedy troupe's TV series into mobile-friendly moments. The project suggests the ways in which TV programmers can re-imagine their content by blending DVD extras with ...More

      • What Revision3's Sale Means for the Online Video Industry

        In the mid-2000s, Kevin Rose helped launch two companies, Digg and Revision3, with the former being the quintessential web 2.0 aggregator, and the latter being a more traditional content producer, albeit intent on disrupting the cable ...More