• Online Movie Spend Surpasses DVD, Blu-ray

    For the first time, U.S. consumers could spend more on online movies this year than on physical video formats. The legal, paid consumption of movies online in the United States is projected to reach 3.4 billion views in 2012 -- approximately 1.0 billion views higher than the 2.4 billion combined retail and rental physical video transactions. ...Read the whole story

  • Google: We've Done All We Can with Copyright Infringement

    The problem of rampant copyright infringement on sites like YouTube can't be solved by technology alone. In fact, a group of lawyers probably wouldn't agree about who owns what on a given piece of uploaded content, senior Google executives said when asked about how the company addresses the problem. ...Read the whole story

  • Netflix: We Are the Evolution of Television

    Ever since Netflix announced that it was looking to acquire and develop original content, critics have dismissed the move as a weak attempt to become more like HBO. But Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos thinks HBO and other media companies with TV Everywhere offerings are actually trying to become more like the on-demand streaming video service. ...Read the whole story

Ad Revenue Holy Grail For Content Creators -- But Not Everyone's Gonna Collect

Google represents the first technology company to be fully ad-supported. It's since evolved to being a media company, but "Google-envy" has led many tech firms to dream up the next great ad-supported business, while media companies struggle to maintain a grip on their ad dollars in the first place. In video, while pre-rolls are disruptive (that's good for marketers), they're not adding value to the overall user experience like paid search ads do (which is bad for marketers). Meanwhile, Google's YouTube has so much inventory that it allows users to skip on ads, with advertisers only paying when a user ...More

  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow: The Internet, With Two More Zeros

    Never mind Hollywood and New York. If you're looking to keep the TV industry alive, maybe you should think about Emerald City. Perhaps you recall Dorothy, small and meek. She schlepped around Oz for two and a half hours with three freaks and a Cairn terrier trying to find the wizardry to get her back to Kansas. They dodged flying monkeys, spent a night doing mad opiates, and brutally melted Cora, the Maxwell House lady -- not realizing that Dorothy had the power to get home all along. All she had to do was click her heels three times and ...More

  • Can 'Mad' Women Crash Through the Glass Ceiling?

    Sunday's brilliant "Mad Men" episode, "The Other Woman," touched on the contemptuous treatment of women in the workplace. The year was early 1967, when women were far from breaking the "glass ceiling" of America's corporate world. We combed through the Archive to hear what some of the women who paved the way to the executive suites in the advertising-adjacent industry of television had to say about their own experiences: ...More