• If Content Really Is King, Then Madison Avenue's May Be Facing $3 Bil Digital Ransom

    LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA - If content truly is king, then be prepared for Madison Avenue's brand-generated content to be held for a $3 billion ransom. That's what the Association of National Advertisers' chief counsel more or less suggested will happen next year when the Hollywood talent unions - SAG and AFTRA - try to get their hooks into the kind of digital marketing content that is not currently classified as "advertising" or "commercials" and therefore does not fall under current contract provisions between Madison Avenue and its commercial talent pool. ...Read the whole story

  • Media Rating Council To Lead 3MS, Set Standards For 'Viewable Impressions,' e-GRPs

    LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA --The Media Rating Council has emerged as the ad industry's central entity for coordinating and executing the main components of Madison Avenue's so-called 3MS initiative, Association of National Advertisers chief Bob Liodice revealed Monday during the opening session of the ANA's Digital and Social Media Summit here. 3MS, which stands for "Making Measurement Make Sense," was created by the ANA, the 4As and the IAB to tackle the big issues surrounding cross-media measurement in a digital age, and Liodice told attendees that the MRC would take on the role of managing the core aspects of its effo ...Read the whole story

  • Ad, Media Coalition Taps Symphony To Orchestrate 'Cross-Platform' Ad Effect Research

    The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM), a trade group created by Madison Avenue and big media companies to research and develop better methods for measuring audiences in an increasingly "cross-platform" media world, has tapped Symphony Advanced Media to "pilot test" what it hopes will be a better approach for measuring the effectiveness of advertising placed across various media. The test comes as others in the advertising and media industry are accelerating their efforts to understand the contribution various media have on audiences and advertising effectiveness, including the Association of National Advertisers, which on Monday announced that the Media Rating ...Read the whole story

  • Is TV Everywhere Doomed...On Purpose?

    Is TV Everywhere doomed? Some media industry analysts seem to think so. The broad experiment by pay-TV providers to offer their subscribers access to TV content on Web-enabled devices has failed to gain traction, although many pay-TV providers have been offering such services now for years. ...Read the whole story

  • Mogreet Puts Video Ad Inventory In Text Messages

    Mogreet launched the AdStitch mobile advertising service Tuesday, combining high-quality video ads with mobile messaging to help brands easily recoup return on investments. ...Read the whole story

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