• Online Video Via TV Is Rising

    New smart TV owners are experimenting more with accessing video via the Internet. This year, 56% of smart TV set owners have accessed some video via the Net, according to media research firm Parks Associates. ...Read the whole story

  • Online Video Breaks Ad, Viewer Records

    Each of the top five video ad properties - including BrightRoll, Hulu, Adap.tv, and TubeMogul, as well as YouTube -- delivered more than 1 billion video ads last month, according to the new data from comScore. Last month, time spent watching video ads totaled 4.6 billion minutes. ...Read the whole story

  • Attribution Requires Marketers To Understand Display Ad Impact

    Drilling into media paths to determine what drives consumers to purchase is key to improving efficiencies in cross-channel marketing and advertising. For both retail and travel industries, multichannel conversion paths that lead with display advertising tend to convert consumers to buyers most rapidly -- but determining the correct type of display ad is a challenge. ...Read the whole story

YouTube Pulls Romney Ad After Music Publisher Complains

On Monday, the campaign for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney posted an ad on YouTube that featured Barack Obama singing Al Green's "Let's Stay Together." The clip, "Political Payoffs and Middle-Class Layoffs," -- which uses around nine seconds of the song -- reportedly aims to show that Obama rewarded campaign donors while regular Americans struggled in the sputtering economy. An Obama campaign spokesperson told the Washington Post that the ad was a "false line of attack." That might be, but most Web users don't have any way to judge the ad for themselves. That's because the clip was only available ...More

  • SocialCam Gets Instagram Dividend In $60 Million Sale

    While not quite "the next Instagram," the industry had been anticipating, the $60-million sale of video sharing startup SocialCam to Autodesk suggests how much everyone wants a piece of marketing services now. ...More

  • What Is Premium Now?

    Do advancements in display advertising make advertisers better off today compared to four years ago? As technologies like programmatic buying and native ad units take hold, this question is also relevant to the evolution of "premium" display ads. Ad pundits have already made display advertising the most jargon-littered playing field in the digital realm, and adding to the confusion is the constant evolution of what premium display -- the industry's alleged creme de la creme -- actually means. ...More

  • Fully Monetizing Audiences May Mean Letting Others Do The Selling

    Content publishers invest large amounts of time and money defining and honing their media brands. As a result, a publisher's internal sales team is well-versed and well-trained in directly selling the unique value propositions associated with that property. Of course, we all know the saying: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. That's why when it comes to audience-based selling, it's tempting to try to do it in-house as well. After all, if your sales team can broker million dollar deal roadblocks with some of the most savvy media agency minds in the business, they'll be able to pitch specific ...More

  • Jive Creates Entertaining Video That Fails To Inform Users About The Company

    It was roughly ten years ago that a crack team of bureaucrats and behavioral therapists declared me constitutionally unfit for office duty. Owing to a handful of sins against community - neglecting to lid my Beefaroni before reheating it, refusing to make small talk about the winter cold/spring pollen/summer heat/autumn pleasantness - I was blacklisted from employment at any venue that would place me within farting distance of other human beings. While I haven't entirely fallen into freelance disrepair - I equate pants, and the donning thereof, with dignity - it's been a lonely, if professionally satisfying and hyperproductive, last ...More