Thursday, July 19, 2012
  • Online Video Breaks Ad, Viewer Records

    Each of the top five video ad properties - including BrightRoll, Hulu,, and TubeMogul, as well as YouTube -- delivered more than 1 billion video ads last month, according to the new data from comScore. Last month, time spent watching video ads totaled 4.6 billion minutes. ...Read the whole story

  • Reserve Channel Launches On YouTube

    Another week, another YouTube original channel launch. Uncommon Content on Thursday launched the Reserve Channel on YouTube, which is aimed at the upscale insider crowd that might want to better get to know the tastes and interests of, say, Mario Batali. ...Read the whole story

  • Consumers Catching Up With Smart TV Apps

    While desired apps for new smart TV come from the most popular online destinations, such as Netflix, YouTube and Facebook, many consumers are still not familiar with the functions of these new TV sets. ...Read the whole story

  • Gas Station TV Switches To High Test

    The gas pump media company is changing its brand positioning in tandem with a big expansion program. GSTV says its network reaches 32 million monthly viewers in over 110 DMAs after having added six new markets in the past six months. ...Read the whole story

Around The Net

  • Meet Social-Video Mixer VycloneLos Angeles Times

    In the works for two years, Vyclone -- a new iOS app that takes video from people shot at the same event and edits it into one multi-angle collaboration -- just made its official debut. “You can keep the videos between your ‘crew’ of friends or choose to mix yours with angles from people you don't know,” the Los Angeles Times explains. Created by a two-man team, including the son of music legend Sting, the venture has so far received $2.7 million in seed money from Ashton Kutcher's A-GRade investments and others.  ...Read the whole story

Report: AT&T May Charge Extra For FaceTime Video Chat

Earlier this week, a report surfaced that AT&T intends to charge wireless customers an extra fee for using FaceTime video chat. AT&T hasn't yet confirmed the report, but hasn't denied it either. Instead, when asked about ...More

  • "Don't Major in Debt" Is A Must See PSA for All Students

    In the [mumbles into sleeve, sounds air horn] years since I completed my education, costs have spiraled way the hell out of control, to the extent that I'm already bracing myself for my infant son's cost-effective ...More