• AT&T Showcases Athletes' Digital Lives

    AT&T is launching a campaign to bring several of these stories to life via short films and its social networking channels. The effort, called "My Journey," will feature 30-second teasers during the primetime broadcasts of the Games, but the stories will live online. ...Read the whole story

  • Team USA Sponsor Chobani Celebrates Communal Pride

    "Proudly With You" tells the story of how the cooperative efforts of employees, farmers and the local community enabled Chobani's remarkably rapid success --success that has now enabled the company to support Team USA as its official yogurt sponsor. ...Read the whole story

  • Roku Nabs $45 Mil, Expands Ad Efforts

    Roku, the over-the-top viewing facilitator, has received a $45 million investment from News Corp. and BSKyB, among others. The company said it will use the funds for advertising and international expansion. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Enters TV Biz, Google Fiber Debuts In Kansas City

    Google became a service provider Thursday with the official launch of Google Fiber. The service initially rolls out to support television and Internet access in Kansas City. The company's intention is to compete with Verizon FIOS and AT&T U-verse, giving consumers another option for TV and Internet service. ...Read the whole story

  • Duracell Powermat Targets 'Powerlessness'

    In the new mobile age, power is a hot commodity. In a new marketing campaign showcasing its "24-hour" battery solution, Duracell Powermat shows off how a man can keep his phone fully charged throughout the day (with a bit of celebrity mixed in). ...Read the whole story

  • AOL Bullish on Video

    During a second quarter earnings call with reporters on Wednesday, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong singled out video advertising as a growth driver for the company in the near-term. ...Read the whole story

Google's TV Service Comes With A Lot Of Ifs

Yet again Google is coming to the TV distribution market. But wait....Not yet. Google plans to be a real TV network and Internet/broadband retailer with its IPTV-like distribution service. But you may only be hearing the faint sound of a car's engine here. ...More

  • "Growing Up and Getting Out" Lacks Humor, Despite A Funny Cast

    This shouldn't have to be said, by me or by somebody who actually has some clue what he's talking about, but casting funny people in your video does not, as if by sprinkling a magical comic elixir, make your video funny. Case in point: "Growing Up and Getting Out," the "funny" series/sweepstakes rolled out by KFC and Comedy Central to promote the chain's new McNuggety foodstuffs. ...More