• IAB Pushes For DIY Ad Units, Modules

    Industry insiders believe agencies, brands and publishers need to take steps to create and adopt drag-and-drop display ad units online -- or they risk losing dollars to offline and falling CPM prices. IAB is promoting do-it-yourself ad units to encourage publishers to "de-clutter" Web pages. ...Read the whole story

  • Wireless Tiered Plans Affecting Customer Satisfaction

    More and more wireless customers are moving (or being moved) to tiered service plans that regulate data and Internet access, and it's having an effect on their perceptions of customer service from their carriers. ...Read the whole story

  • In An Industry First, A Directory Of Nets Selling VOD Ads Is Published

    As part of a broader initiative to create some structure around one of the television industry most developed, but least utilized advertising opportunities, MPG's Collaborative Alliance has published what is believed to be the first comprehensive directory of television networks currently accepting advertising on their video-on-demand content. The directory, which is being hosted by the American Association of Advertising Agencies, ad agency data processing firm Mediaocean, and TV audience measurement firm Rentrak, provides the most current view of which networks actually insert ads into their VOD programming. ...Read the whole story

  • Bigger Video Player, Better Ad Performance

    While the mobile revolution is shrinking everything in sight, expect marketers to throw increasing support behind larger display screens. That's because new data draws a direct link between video player size and ad performance, including engagement and completion rates. ...Read the whole story

  • New Ultimat Vodka Video Goes Viral

    The video, part of the brand's "Find Balance, Find Ultimat" campaign, shows a window washer dressed as a businessman flashing signs at office workers from his perch outside their skyscraper windows. ...Read the whole story

With Online Video Series, No Appointments Necessary

What happened to appointment television? Some say your DVR, laptop, and tablet now make all the appointments. But Paul Lee, president of ABC Entertainment, says appointment television is still important at his network, especially with its soaps and its continuous weeks of original episodes of shows like "Revenge," "Once Upon A Time" and the still-big "Grey's Anatomy." ...More

  • Merchandizing Video Content: The Video Promotion Challenge

    More people are consuming more video in more places and on more devices. So what's the problem? The problem is that as television viewing becomes increasingly un-tethered from the television set and unbounded by time, the conventions of linear television delivery are becoming increasingly irrelevant, and current online conventions are not keeping pace. What was once relatively simple -- finding "something to watch" -- has become complex, in some cases painful, and worst of all tedious. Consumer awareness, adoption, usage and monetization all suffer. ...More

  • Five Stories That Remind Us How Quickly Things Are Changing These Days

    Dear social media gurus, I get it: if you ran NBC, you'd program the Olympics differently, everything would be live on television and online, but... you don't. So get over it, and keep saving up to one day buy NBC or pay billions of dollars for the rights to the games. Or you can, of course, stop watching the Games and get back to work and hope to rise to the top of the corporate latter to one day run NBC. ...More