Monday, August 6, 2012

    Around The Net

    • Court: Embedding Videos LegalGigaOm

      The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this week that embedding an infringing video does not violate copyright laws. “The court sided with the video bookmarking site myVidster, which had been sued by the gay porn production company Flava Works in 2010,” GigaOm reports. “Flava Works obtained a preliminary injunction against myVidster with a lower court ruling in 2011, but 7th Court judge Richard Posner threw out that decision Thursday.” That said, the video bookmarking site isn’t off the hook completely, GigaOm notes. “Posner found that a previously offered caching feature could still make the site liable.”  ...Read the whole story

    • Aereo Lets Users Sample Service For Free Hour A DayAll Things D

      After its court victory, Barry Diller's controversial Aereo service  is "ramping up its marketing push with a clever new pricing scheme" that will let consumers use it for free for a continuous hour a day or get a one-day pass for a dollar, writes Peter Kafka. "Both are obviously great ways to get consumers to sample the new service, and the free option doesn’t require a credit card account to sign up, which removes a big hurdle." ...Read the whole story

    NRCC Targets Political Ads Based On District Through Google

    Google has built an AdWords tool enabling politicians to target messages to voters based on Congressional Districts. The tool brings online targeting to neighborhoods -- or rather districts -- using search, display, mobile and video ads ...More

    • The Seesaw Effect: Trends Shaping Video's Past And Future

      To an outsider, the video landscape has been dominated by the rise of new video distribution platforms such as YouTube and iTunes, as well as enabling platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Of late, we've seen ...More