Video Views: Yahoo and Facebook Fight For No. 2 Slot

The latest comScore figures show that Facebook has overtaken Yahoo for the No.2 slot in video, trailing Google's YouTube. This isn't the first time this has happened; back in August 2010, Facebook pulled off this feat, but Yahoo managed to usurp its slot soon thereafter. ...More

  • Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go And Sony? Huh?

    Call it an interesting outlier, but Sony's Crackle has an interesting play to make despite itself -- a free, on-demand video service with semi-premium content. ...More

  • Can Facebook Take Out YouTube And Fix Its Mobile Strategy At Same Time?

    Mark Zuckerberg is yet to reveal to his investors his strategy to generate meaningful revenue from mobile traffic. Facebook's monetization challenge is unique, as it is not necessarily trying to solve its own problem, but rather solve an industry problem: mobile. The mobile screen is small. On a per ad-unit, mobile ads actually make higher RPMs, but you can only display 1-2 ads, versus desktop ads where you can display 20 ads that make less money each. Mathematically speaking, then, the solution need to be some sort of media/invention that generate per real estate substantial higher RPMs than regular mobile ...More