• DNC Beats RNC In Online Video Views

    In terms of online video views, the Democratic National Convention beat the Republican National Convention, generating more than 13 million views from its Top 10 convention speakers, compared to 7.3 million views for the RNC, according to an analysis of YouTube data from video analytics firm Visible Measures. ...Read the whole story

  • iPhone 5 To Have Major Impact On Users, Tech Rivals

    The launch of the iPhone 5 on Wednesday will shake up the smartphone industry and have broader implications for a host of companies from Google to the U.S. major wireless to Intel. The device, however, isn't expected to incorporate Near Field Communication technology to power mobile transactions. ...Read the whole story

  • FCC Asks Court To Uphold Neutrality Rules

    Net neutrality rules will "advance broadband investment" and "ensure that wireless licensees act in the public interest," the Federal Communications Commission argues in new court papers. ...Read the whole story

  • Zuckerberg: Mobile Will Be Key To Facebook's Success

    Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged disappointment with the company's stock performance since going public in May, but voiced optimism about its nascent mobile business as a long-term growth engine. Speaking publicly on Tuesday for the first time since Facebook's botched IPO, Zuckerberg addressed a wide range of topics about the company at the TechCrunch: Disrupt 2012 conference in San Francisco. ...Read the whole story

  • Time-Shifted Viewing Up, Live Viewing Dips

    The average daily live TV viewing per person is now at 4 hours and 38 minutes -- down from 4:47 during the first quarter of 2011. Time-shifted viewing climbed to 24 minutes from 21 minutes. ...Read the whole story

Using Online Video, Talktala:_ Aims To Make 7 Billion People Happy

Imagine a world where 7 billion people, the world's population, could afford a weekly session when they confront and talk. Wow. Then came talktala, a New York-based startup aimed at enabling people to "confront" in a scalable and, most important, an affordable way. Thousands of therapists are already signed up, ready to go online, and there are even more people on the other side looking for a session. ...More

  • Are You Ready For Some Well-Executed, Season Opener Football Videos?

    In this week's edition of my Yay Awesome America F-Yeah power rankings, I've got radio rock riding a new Journey hits compilation up to number 5, freedom surging to number 4 (a post-conventions bounce?), halter tops falling from the top spot to number 3 (boooooo, September!), barbecued meats holding steady at number two and football - awesome American football, not the spritzy foreign kind -- back at the top after a seven-month convalescence. To the surprise of nobody, Francophilia and organic produce remain tied at number 3,747,201. ...More

  • Online Video: The Future Is Crystal Clear

    It doesn’t have to be this hard. It’s possible, right now, to deliver massive amounts of video to highly targeted groups of consumers and track and report on every view in real time. Metrics can be meaningful, not menacing. Results can be timely and specific; value can be tangible and learning can be immediately actionable. We don’t have to settle for sample site lists, sagging completion rates, poll-based targeting, or videos running on piracy sites and in offer walls.The technology to do away with all this is already here—in fact, it’s been around for some time. The barriers are all ...More

  • Video Convergence is Finally, Truly Here

    In considering the future of media, attention must be paid to the much ballyhooed and often maligned concept of video convergence.  Finally, it seems video convergence is becoming a reality. Surprisingly though, it is being driven as much by a growing cadre of Hollywood progressives as it is by anyone in Silicon Valley. “Hollywood?” you may ask skeptically. Truly, Tinsel Town is leading the revolution. One that allows for new forms of compelling content distributed in novel ways, which will surely mark the end of an era that has existed since the dawn of cinema, ushering in a new era with video convergence at ...More