The One Advantage Of Online Video Is Also Its Biggest Disadvantage

Quality. Scale. Pick one. Bet you can't pick both. Can you? If you can find a way to deliver those two things to advertisers, investors will reward you amply. As a producer of content, I know the quality vs. scale conundrum all too well. ...More

  • Video Stories: Marketing's Next Big Thing

    There's a fast-emerging trend we are seeing as a producer of videos for both major brands and agencies: the emergence of "stories" as the next big vehicle for brand communication. At least a dozen of our clients have undertaken projects to start producing human-interest stories via video to promote their brands, so it bears a closer look for anyone in the video and broader marketing industries: ...More

  • The Onion Takes Stride Gum's Twitter Feed to Mintacular Levels

    Not that we measure the Internet the way we do athletes, but The Onion's 2012 is shaping up as something out of the Babe Ruth canon, minus the Rubenesque torso and frequent near-asphyxiation on husks of ballpark meat. It became the first media institution to reduce a sitting Vice President to a caricature for purposes of light entertainment (Dan Quayle doesn't count - he did it to himself). ...More

  • Video Convergence is Finally, Truly Here

    In considering the future of media, attention must be paid to the much ballyhooed and often maligned concept of video convergence.  Finally, it seems video convergence is becoming a reality. Surprisingly though, it is being driven as much by a growing cadre of Hollywood progressives as it is by anyone in Silicon Valley. “Hollywood?” you may ask skeptically. Truly, Tinsel Town is leading the revolution. One that allows for new forms of compelling content distributed in novel ways, which will surely mark the end of an era that has existed since the dawn of cinema, ushering in a new era with video convergence at ...More