A Better TV Set Is Coming Again, But Who Knows Where Or When?

We've heard -- or seen -- it all before: some new TV technology that is going to change our lives. This is where 4K TV, or Ultra TV sets, now lives. This new technology has four times the digital information as current HDTV and is where many TV set makers are looking to put another stake in the ground. But where? ...More

  • Dispatch From CES: Video, Devices, And The New Content Economy

    Another CES is now behind us, and while this remains first a show about new devices, a closer look at the capabilities these devices are touting forecasts a need for a multi-device content (and advertising) strategy for the coming years. So what type of content will be the driver of content consumption on all these devices? Based on the news and chatter at CES, few can argue that video - particularly multi-device video distribution - emerged as the biggest theme of the conference. ...More