• AOL To Distribute Discovery Channels

    Building out its video offering, AOL on Thursday announced a large distribution deal with Discovery Communications. AOL's On Network will now feature mostly short-form video from Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery, Science Channel, and Military Channel. ...Read the whole story

  • For Super Bowl, VW Turns YouTube Anger To Happiness

    The salubrious sentiment from that fourth-quarter ad last year will come back in the second quarter of the Super Bowl this year. Actually, it's online now in teaser form. "Sunny Side," via Deutsch, L.A., reverses a tactic that a couple of automakers have used in the past. ...Read the whole story

How to Avoid Video Commercial Wear-Out

One of the most vexing challenges facing marketers today is commercial wear-out. It's the negative effect of having a video ad or spot appear on TV or online for too long, or just playing it so often and in so many places that it not only stops selling the product or service, but also starts to annoy the viewer. ...More

  • Is Online-Video Biz Monetizing Boredom Cure?

    Every day, I spend at least a few minutes browsing through MarketingCharts.com, and reading the latest stats about anything and everything Internet-related, particularly when it comes to online video. In most of the 10 books I've written, I've included some sort of graph built from studies that other people have done, and I've relied on official, published reports to guide my thinking and beliefs about everything from marketing to online video. At some point, though, it dawned on me that I have eyes, ears and the ability to talk to people. And while by no means scientific, I can get ...More

  • A Six-Pack of Video Options for Coca-Cola's "Coming Together."

    Okay: that Coca-Cola video. I was out last week attending to matters of important personal business and, as a result, missed most of the tsk-tsking and are-they-serious? giggles in its wake. To recap: the beverage giant, fearing that it's about to absorb a few love taps from the regulatory mallet, released "Coming Together," a clip proclaiming that it is an ally in the fight against obesity, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, pancreatitis, kidney failure, cavities, sugar tongue and every other health scourge to which overconsumption of its 650 beverages may or may not contribute. Check that - Coca-Cola isn't just an ...More

  • Agencies Tie One On At Creative Media Awards

    Last Wednesday over 200 agency big thinkers, decked out in their dapper best, descended upon The Yale Club for MediaPost's Creative Media Awards dinner and presentation. Now in its ninth year, the awards show recognizes that the process of media buying, planning and strategy is every bit as creative as mocking up a print ad, or creating snazzy online campaigns. ...More