Friday, January 25, 2013
  • GEICO, Universal In Line-up For 'Puppy Bowl' 2013

    "Our challenge is always to come up with new opportunities for new advertisers like GEICO sponsoring the stadium naming rights this year. In years past, we have added the Kitty Halftime sponsored by Bissell, the Icebreaker Timeout feature and Subaru integration in the show open." ...Read the whole story

  • Kia Answers Big Question In Super Bowl

    Kia is going a bit outside the product corral to connect, humorously, with a larger issue. In this case it's the ontological conundrum of baby origins, and how to explain that to kids. Here, Kia is connecting the human provenance question to the features of its Sorento crossover. ...Read the whole story

  • Super Bowl: 39% Prefer Ads Over Game

    Thirty-nine percent of American adults say that the ads are their favorite part of the Super Bowl, versus 28% who favor the game itself, according to a survey by market research company Lab42. The ad preference is more pronounced among women. ...Read the whole story

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  • A Six-Pack of Video Options for Coca-Cola's "Coming Together."

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  • Help Brands Score This Super Bowl: 5 Trends

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