Monday, January 28, 2013
  • My Damn Channel Launches New Network, Revenue Options

    Digital production studio My Damn Channel is expected to unveil a network model today that will offer partners various distribution, promotional and monetization opportunities in exchange for a share of ad revenue. ...Read the whole story

  • TV Still Tops, But Multiscreen Viewing Commonplace

    A majority of U.S. consumers -- 60% -- still want to watch their shows on TV, but these same consumers also want their smartphones and tablets by their side. Forty-two percent of consumers say they now watch TV and access the Internet via a laptop or PC. ...Read the whole story

  • Are Video And RTB Ready For Each Other? Well, Sort Of

    The final panel at last week's OMMA RTB was a "Grill the Vendors" session on the relationship between video and RTB. The title of the panel asked: Are video and RTB ready for each other? The panelists all believe that video and RTB are ready for each other, but there needs to be a shift in perception before the connection happens the way everyone envisions. Anthony Risicato, GM, VideoHub, believes that the lack of transparency in the RTB space has it aiming in the wrong direction. "If we go down the RTB path we are currently going down, which is ... ...Read the whole story

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  • Big Quarter Expected From YahooCNN

    CNNMoney suggests that the honeymoon may be over between analysts and Yahoo’s latest CEO, Marissa Mayer. “Industry watchers are now starting to look for proof that Mayer can deliver on her promises,” it writes. She will get her chance to offer said proof later today when Yahoo reports fourth quarter earnings. “It will be a look into the new Yahoo business strategy -- the results of which Mayer began laying out in an all-staff meeting in September.”  ...Read the whole story

  • Behind The Making Of VW's Super Bowl SpotUSA Today

    This isn't just any commercial. It's Volkswagen of America's one-minute Super Bowl spot. Usually secretive VW let USA Today behind the scenes to observe the filming of this spot three weeks before the Feb. 3 big game. The pressure is hotter than the unforgiving spotlights. VW won't say what it's spending. But with the price of commercial airtime on the CBS game broadcast and the cost of producing and promoting the spot and its social-media teaser, Volkswagen could spend close to $10 million - far more than any other single marketing expense on tap for the German carmaker in 2013. ...Read the whole story

  • Video RTB Could Surpass Forrester ProjectionsiMedia Connection

    The RTB marketplace for online video will exceed Forrester Research's projections ($667 million this year), according to SpotXchange chief Michael Shehan. ...Read the whole story

  • Fake Eagle Video, Real

    A Montreal school's contived video of a bald eagle swooping down on a child became a viral sensation, and then a scholarship source fo the school. ...Read the whole story

  • The Ambient Beauty of...Police Scanners?
  • What Companies Must Know As Consumers Transition To TabletsABI Research
Are YouTube Celebs Too Oddball For Mainstream Marketers?

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