RTB 500
RTB 500 Composite
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This index includes domains such as nytimes.com, yahoo.com, staples.com, forbes.com and more.
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  • Arts and Entertainment: websites that provide news and information to audiences of TV, movies, art and pop culture.
  • Cable and Mobile Operators: websites for corporations that offer services such as television, telephone and internet, in addition to providing an extension for current service.
  • Directory: web search tools that list information in certain groupings or category for the user’s convenience.
  • Games: websites that provide web-based video games and related video game information for consumers.
  • Health and Fitness: websites that provide information and advice for eating and staying healthy.
  • Independent: websites that are online-only content publications with no affiliation with existing print or TV entity.
  • Magazine Websites: websites that are an extension of their physical magazine counterpart and allow for easy access of their information online.
  • Music: websites that provide relevant information and content across the music industry. Content ranges from music reviews, ratings, downloads, players and streaming media technologies.
  • News: websites that provide information across many different news categories, including world events, politics, economics, and environmental concerns.
  • Newspaper Websites: websites that are an extension of their physical newspaper counterpart and allow for easy access of their information online.
  • Portals: websites that provide guidance on where to go online and usually offers core services including email, and/or messaging services, as well as web search features.
  • Retail and commerce: websites that commercially sell products and services to consumers, or enable the buying and selling of product between consumers.
  • Social Media: websites that provide services for the sole purpose of social interactions and networking.
  • Sports: websites that provide news, information and statistics for a variety of sports, including leagues, teams, events, etc.
  • TV network websites: websites that are an extension of a television network, providing relevant information for their network online.
  • Video: websites that offer free or paid for video services to access a variety of content, from TV entertainment to news reporting.