Google Redesigns AdWords For Mobile-First Campaigns, Adds Programmatic Ad Features

Google unveiled Tuesday its vision for AdWords and Analytics -- completely rebuilt for a mobile-first world. The company announced several significant changes that will give advertisers more insight gleaned from data and control of device-level bidding in AdWords for desktop, tablets and smartphones. ...


Online Spin
Why Marketers Love Malcolm Gladwell -- & Why They Shouldn't

Marketers love Malcolm Gladwell. They love his pithy, reductionist approach to popular science: his tendency to sacrifice verity for the sake of a good "just-so" story. And in doing this, what is Malcolm Gladwell but a ...

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Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
Sex And The Smoking Gun

You know what? Let's do have a trial by media. Definitely -- so we can watch in astonishment as the corporate defendant demonstrates its guilt by the very way in which it is defending itself. In ...

Silicon Valley Protests 'Zero-Rating' Schemes, Calls For New FCC Rules

Yelp, Etsy, Mozilla, Medium and Vimeo are among dozens of online companies calling for new rules that could limit Internet service providers from exempting material from consumers' monthly data caps. ...

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