ESPN Sues Verizon For Letting Customers Reconfigure TV Packages

For ESPN, it's now hardball against Verizon. ESPN has filed a lawsuit against Verizon for "breach of contract," as Verizon FiOS announced efforts to allow consumers to reconfigure their pay TV programming packages under its new Custom TV plan. ...


Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
Death By Magic Beans

Hey, kids, let's play the Good News/Bad News game! At issue is the negotiations with BuzzFeed, National Geographic and "The New York Times" to host those publishers' content on Facebook itself -- not to link to ...

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What We Learned From The Bruce Jenner Interview

So Bruce Jenner is a man who likes to wear dresses. And he enjoys occasional get-togethers in his home with other men who like the same thing. These are two things we learned from Diane Sawyer's ...

U.S. Rebates: Stock Price Trumps Advertisers

Shareholders could prove more influential than advertisers in the U.S. rebate debate. As the ANA's Financial Management conference kicks off in Phoenix this week, I'm looking for signs of good will on both sides to make ...

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