Five Things You Should Know About Kids And The Internet

For American kids ages 6-11, the Internet is much more of an entertainment platform than it is a venue for communicating, with most of the entertainment occurring within the home.

Within that age group, 71.1% of kids accessed the Internet in the past 30 days, according to the most recent data from the "2008 American Kids Study" conducted by Mediamark Research & Intelligence (MRI).

Based on the results of the in-home survey of approximately 5,000 youths - along with an accompanying survey of primary adult caregivers - five characteristics emerge with regard to kids and their use of the Internet.

1. Home Is Where the Action Is

Of the 71.1% of kids who used the Internet in the last 30 days, 83.4% did their Web surfing at home. School was the second most popular location, at 29.6% of kids, followed by bookstore/library at 6.82%.

Within the household, a very small percentage of kids who used the Internet in the last 30 days (10.9%) had Internet access in their own room. Those respondents were virtually evenly split between boys (48.2%) and girls (51.8%). Only 17.0% of those with access in their room said their parents allow them to self-police their surfing activities.

2. Don't Instant Message Me, I'm Playing Games

Kids are far more likely to use the Internet for entertainment than for any other purpose. Among those who visited the Web in the past 30 days, 81.2% reported having done so to play online games. And it's not just the guys who are sharpening their hand-eye coordination in the digisphere. Of these gamers, 50.1% were boys and 49.9% were girls.

The incidence of game playing decreases along with age - 83.8% of kids ages 6-7, 81.5% of kids 8-9 and 79.1% in the 10-11 age bracket. Other popular activities among kids who used the Internet in the last 30 days were: watched videos (34.7%); "did stuff for homework" (32.4%); and listened to music (30.6%).

3. Style-Conscious Kids Also Among The Most Tech-Savvy

Nearly one in three U.S. kids ages 6-11 who used the Internet in the last 30 days agreed with the statement "being 'in style' is very important to me." These style-conscious youngsters also tend to be the more tech-savvy. The style-conscious set is 48% more likely than all kids online in the last 30 days to download music; 33% more likely to shop or look for things to buy online; 29% more likely to say their parents let them go anywhere they want on the Internet; 34% more likely to use the Internet to listen to music; and 19% more likely to watch videos online.

4. Television Web Sites Are The Most Popular

Of the nearly 50 Web sites measured by our study, three of the top five are TV sites (, and among kids who used the Internet in the last 30 days. When kids aren't frequenting these entertainment sites, they're apparently looking for other sites to visit, as the fifth most popular destination was

5. Advertising Draws Kids To The Internet

More than half (57.0%) of kids who surfed the Web in the last 30 days did so because advertising drove them there. This group was fairly evenly divided by gender: 50.9% were girls and 49.1% were boys. While advertising motivated 50.4% of kids ages 6-7 to Web sites, it did so to 62.0% of youths in the 10-11 age set.

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  1. Omar Abdulla from Footprints Filmworks , February 10, 2009 at 2:22 p.m.

    Hi there. Kindly visit for the exclusive interview with Omar Abdulla and F W De Klerk. Our community will have a basic idea of whats happening in our community.

  2. Leonard Sipes from Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency , February 13, 2009 at 10:44 a.m.

    We have a radio show on child internet safety with Department of Justice agencies at (see radio shows).
    Len Sipes, federal Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency.

  3. Christina Lopez from , February 17, 2009 at 2:09 p.m.

    If advertising drove kids to the web, I wonder what advertising mediums/media types were the key drivers?

  4. Omar Abdulla from Footprints Filmworks , March 17, 2009 at 6:05 p.m.

    So you think you can dance??
    18 March 2009
    by Afsana Gani
    S O M E T I ME S one needs to think in terms of the other person to actually realize your true potential. Decisions, Deadlines, Dreams and Desires WILL ALWAYS be a motivating factor in ones life.
    Perhaps we are brought into the world we live in to empower, to lead, to love and to make a positive difference to our community, our society, our village and our nations.

    I felt like a monkey when I was given the task to write the Footprints Filmworks Classic Clown Champ. Thoughts crossed my mind as to what the community would think is funny. It was until I saw an advertisement in Today's Times Magazine about a local clown visiting the community.

    Nadeem's Circus that tours the community of Laudium once per year was having it's annual function so I decided Why Not??

    I initially called up a few of my friends if they could join me on my expedition of meeting the new clowns on the block. Non of them were interested, telling me that the circus is for children, and that they were too busy with their own lives. So I decided what the heck, let me go alone.

    Nadeems Circus was established by Nadeem Ebrahim in 1955 and has been providing entertainment, enlightenment, education and enrichment to communities of South Africa.
    The atmosphere echoes children laughing and smiling, classic clowns walking on stilts, funny magic tricks and The Magician walking around painting faces.

    I felt pretty bored until I managed to notice Mr Footprints Omar Abdulla in the far distance. I knew Mr Footprints from school back in the day, and I have always fancied him, but was too afraid. Mr Footprints was the type of guy that wanted one thing from a woman and that's it.

    In the far distance I saw him buying popcorn with a few of his friends and as usual he was always messing about. I felt inspired just to greet him, but I figured he should wave first.

    It was until he came to sit next to me that sent shivers down my spine. I so wanted to say Hi Omar, but I did not want to make a fool of myself in front of him. I felt that my entire life I have been doing things to please people, and here I was sitting next to my Dream Guy, and I could not even utter a word.

    Hello Afsana, he said. You that nerdy girl that was with me in school. How are you doing?
    As the evening went on, I felt like a child with a new toy. I was thrilled by the mere fact that I could see my high school sweetheart and actually laugh with him. Although Mr Footprints was a bit La De Dah with me, as the evening went on he sought of mellowed.

    As the circus was drawing to a close The Magician announced that all couples should come to the floor for the closing couples dance. This was a new thing that Nadeems Circus introduced, and it seemed pretty fun. The children were wooing their parents to go on stage and share their love. I was a bit surprised that a circus had ballroom dancing after the show.

    Shall we dance? Mr Footprints asked me. I was never the type of girl to strut my stuff in public. The music that I listened to was from the days of Shar Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai.

    So, I said Yes.
    The music was upbeat forcing me to tramp on Mr Footprints toes. Holding him in my arms was one my dreams from the days I use to watch him work in our Science class in school. His perfume, His Strength and His personality oozed through my body. I was never a good dancer and it seemed tonight my energy was flowing. The song that was playing was the title track from Titanic.

    The atmosphere on stage was electric as I could here the crowd chanting "We want more. We want more."
    Whilst we were dancing I felt a sense of calmness rush through my body, as whatever I have been dreaming in my life coming to a reality.

    Our community of Laudium is very small hence everybody knows everybody else's story. I did not care what people would say, I just felt the moment and his presence. My Heart WILL GO ON was the words from the tune that I would remember.

    As the evening came to a close, I sought of wanted more for myself. All my life I have been trying to find the right guy, and here today he was with me in the flesh. I wanted more, but was too afraid to ask for more.

    How about we go out next week like a proper couple he asked me. I did not want to seem to forward so I said give me your number and I will call you.

    That evening before I tucked myself into bed, I thought to myself-An evening that I just wanted to go out and have a bit of fun, and surprise surprise-I might of found my Dream Guy in the process.

    SO Yes, what I learnt from the whole thing was never be afraid to take risks, try new challenges, explore life on a grander scale, and who knows you might find your d r e a m guy.

    I Guess I was the clown of the evening, and OH YEAH I got my face painted as well.

    .................................................................................................... .................................................................................................... .............................
    The Footprints Filmworks Foundation-
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  5. Omar Abdulla from Footprints Filmworks , April 3, 2009 at 7:28 p.m.

    Footprints Filmworks March 2009-Presidential Box
    Page 1

    FF News: Bulletin Boards

    The Presidential Box

    T H I S is a F O U R page FF News Brief Bulletin so the footprints team suggests that you be nice and relaxed when viewing this bulletin. This is an Exclusive Interview with Zimbabwe's controversial President Mr. Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

    Born in 1924, Robert Gabriel Mugabe was educated in missionary schools and received the first of his seven degrees from South Africa's Fort Hare University.

    Returning to Rhodesia in 1960 he joined Joshua Nkomo's Zimbabwe African People's Union (Zapu) but left three years later to form the rival Zimbabwe African National Union (Zanu).

    Jailed without trial for 10 years he left Rhodesia for neighboring Mozambique in 1974 and led the largest of the guerrilla forces fighting a protracted and bloody war against the Smith government.

    President Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (commonly abbreviated ZANU-PF) has been the dominant political party in Zimbabwe since independence from The British. Many readers might say that Mr. Robert Mugabe is a Dictator, well as he said " If Hitler was a dictator then I am Hitler tenfold."

    Interviewing presidents is somewhat of a "Big Deal" as many of them walk around with big ego's and think they know it all. It took the footprints team almost a month to get in touch with Mr. Mugabe. After several telegrams and emails we finally had the opportunity to meet with him.

    Mr. Robert Mugabe(84) has been President of Zimbabwe s i x times since 1980, and according to sources has been creating havoc amongst nationalities both locally and internationally.

    A local Zimbabwe resident was complaining to the footprints team claiming that Zimbabwe has lost it's natural luster and international appeal. According to media reports in Zimbabwe the country is rated 799 out of a selection of 800 countries worldwide.

    It would be impossible to give a full history and biography on Zimbabwe and their leaders, hence the footprints team has compiled a brief snapshot of the country and its leaders.

    Zimbabwe is probably the poorest African country with a population of 13 million of which 90 percent is well educated. The country boasts the footprints third wonder of the world which is the Victoria Falls. Zimbabwe has also one of the highest infections of HIV and other deadly diseases. The population is mostly Bantu and Shona. Well known media businesses including The Sabc, Zimbabwe's Daily Sun, The Zimbabwean Mailer and FF News pride themselves in providing news, community gossip, global interviews and everyday stories. A did you know fact about the country includes the average age a person lives in Zimbabwe is under fifty years which is the lowest in the world.


    The Footprints Filmworks Foundation-


    Page 2

    FF News: Bulletin Boards

    The Presidential Box

    In a meeting held with Managing Director for Footprints Filmworks Omar Abdulla, Robert Mugabe says "I was brought up as a warrior for our nation, yet people complain and talk bad about my country" and "The two people that I hate the most is George Bush and Tony Blair."

    In an Exclusive Interview with Abdulla, Mugabe chats about The founding myths of Zimbabwe, The countries current leaders, The negative inflation and The call for help to other nations both locally and internationally.

    Mr Omar Abdulla-Footprints Filmworks Managing Director

    Mr Robert Mugabe-

    Omar Abdulla: Welcome to our Footprints Filmworks Presidential Box.

    Robert Mugabe: This should be interesting.

    Q1) Omar Abdulla: You have been known as "The Bobo" of Africa, what does this title mean and what is the significance of it?

    Robert Mugabe: Don't worry what Bobo means, what is important is the importance it means to my people. I have been involved in hundreds of interviews and this question always seems to pop up. My people know me for my leadership and warrior battles that I have fought. I am probably the most feared person in Africa these days.

    Q2) Omar Abdulla: Zimbabwe has been in the limelight in terms of wars against land issues, negative inflation, the soaring prices of food and the killing of white farmers, what is your opinion on all of this.?

    Robert Mugabe: Don't let the media fool you, and never believe what you read. You came here today to interview me about myself and not my country. Let me lead my country the way I choose and you ask me questions about myself.

    Q3) Omar Abdulla: In your experience with working with world leaders and politicians, what would you say is the fundermental key to keep your parties leaders happy as well as keeping a balance with international leaders?

    Robert Mugabe: The world laughs at Zimbabwe, yet no one truly knows the country. If the international community were to stop talking and publishing articles about my country and actually come and visit us, then you would probably see a different equation. I have been compared to Hitler, Shaka Zulu and many other leaders, yet I was brought up in warrior style, so I guess my upbringing has a lot to do the way I lead my country.

    Q4) Omar Abdulla: Since Cecil John Roads and Ian Smith were leaders of Zimbabwe, what value have you added to Zimbabwe?

    Robert Mugabe: My track record speaks for itself. Those two people you mentioned were not leaders, they were followers of the British. My leadership style is African, my heart is African and it WILL ALWAYS be that way. Mr. Thabo Mbeki and I are good friends, we keep in touch on a weekly basis. The current South African government is in tatters. When Jacob Zuma becomes President of South Africa in April, I will expect a visit from him as well.

    Q5) Omar Abdulla: Zimbabwe is rich in Farming Agriculture, Tobacco, Ivory and Diamonds, yet your country still maintains one of the poorest countries in the world, what is your opinion to curve the negative inflation?

    Robert Mugabe: If you read your history books you would note that in 1980 the Zimbabwe Dollar was equal to one United States Dollar. It would be unfair for me to blame the west for closing our country up in terms of imports and exports. I think the South African Rand would probably be the basic currency in Africa in ten years time. I also feel that The South African rand will be R5 to one to the United States Dollar by 2015.


    The Footprints Filmworks Foundation-


    Page 3

    FF News: Bulletin Boards


    Footprints Filmworks Car of the Year 2008

    At a time when the array of high-end cars is nearly limitless, selecting just one can be a confusing proposition. The good news: Every year a few models stand apart. Most luxury vehicles by definition tend to be far from green in the environment sense, but they are guaranteed to inspire the greatest shade of envy for their performance, amenities, engineering, design, safety, and quality, given cost of ownership.

    Here's the Joy Ride cheat sheet to the best of the 2008 Pack.

    Ferrari F430 Scuderia

    Sexy, elegant and racy

    Price- USD-300-000-00


    ZAR 2,5000,000-00


    Power: 4.3 liter, 503-HP V-8

    Runner-up: Porche 911 Turbo

    Available at your local distributor or contact (012) 3703469

    If you can stomach the price, this is a playful, scary-fast, outrageously competent(0-60 in 3.5 seconds), sexy purebred that makes operatic engine sounds unlike any other. Oh, yes and former Formulae 1 Champion Michael Schumacher(Nicknamed Shumi) was crucial in its development. For those who prefer German, the Ferrari F430 Scuderia is your car at only $300-000-00.

    Footprints Filmworks Champion Cars
    (012) 3703469-(012) 3701984

    For the businessman WHO KNOWS what he Wants.

    Other Models is the Ferrari Range:


    The Footprints Filmworks Foundation-


    Page 4

    FF News: Bulletin Boards

    The Presidential Box

    Q5) There is the G20 summit meeting being held in London In April, what would be your opinion that world leaders should be tackling at the moment?

    Robert Mugabe: Firstly and most importantly The United Nations has promised four billion dollars in aid to Zimbabwe, so that should be one of the topics addressed. Other issues that should be addressed is the United States Stimulus Plans, China's disarming of nuclear weapons, The introduction of world trade unions and tourisms, and Climate Change legislation.

    Q6) Omar Abdulla: Mr. Robert Mugabe, the average age a person lives in your country is between 35-45, yet you are 84 years today, what is your secret to lead a good life with awesome health, wealth and wisdom?

    Robert Mugabe: (laughs): Well, I had my 60th birthday in Rome, and with God's grace the Zimbabwe people always seem to throw a party when it's my birthday. I have always maintained a good relationship with God, he is my best friend. So I guess that would be my secret.

    Q7) Omar Abdulla: The Zimbabwe people and the world s o m e t i m e s tend to bring you down in media profiles and other world summits, this year what would you say is the topic of change amongst nations?

    Robert Mugabe: When you have been around for as long as I have been, you tend to laugh at these clowns who create havoc in the media. Our new prime minister of Zimbabwe got beaten up when he stepped over the line. My advice to world leaders is follow in your peoples footprints and try to bridge a gap. Always maintain a balance and good thinking brains.

    Q8) Omar Abdulla: Zimbabwe, as a country is still young at heart, what advice would you give to your fellow leaders when you leave one day?

    Robert Mugabe: I will always remain in the hearts of my people. When people talk about Zimbabwe, the first name that comes to mind is Robert Mugabe. I intend to live up to that legacy for the future.

    Q9) Omar Abdulla: Let's talk a little about property and financial markets in Zimbabwe. What's the average price per home in Zimbabwe and how can Zimbabweans earn a stable income and provide a good return for their families at home.?

    Q10) Robert Mugabe: The average household in Zimbabwe which is a family of four earns about $1000.00 per month which is Z$250 000 000.00 Zimbabwean Dollars. Our country has millions of skilled labor and yet we lack entrepreneurship qualities. Personally, the development of Universities, Foreign companies opening up businesses in Zimbabwe, The promotion of our Tourism Industry and most importantly our current Politian's need some waking up to do when it comes to promoting our country internationally.

    Q11) Omar Abdulla: Thank you for that. I am a South African Indian and find that some of the wealthiest Indians live in Zimbabwe?

    Q12)Robert Mugabe: Yes, Zimbabwe has one the wealthiest Indians in the world, although the population is very small . When I was in prison I studied my law degree with a chap by the name of Aboobaker Kareem. The Indian women in my opinion are one of the most gorgeous in the world.

    Q13)Omar Abdulla: In conclusion I would like to ask you, if you look at the world with an international eye, what changes can we expect amongst nations both locally and internationally.?

    Robert Mugabe: Barack Obama is the next Robert Mugabe I would like to think. I am impressed with his leadership qualities. Remember, you should value a leader on the amount of love he has for his people and don't judge him on his knowledge and personality. Interestingly; we should see the President of countries go to women in the future. I can talk the whole evening to you Mr. Abdulla, but it seems my time is up.

    Omar Abdulla: Thanking you for your time.

    Omar Abdulla and Robert Mugabe Interview-
    Actual pictures show only on website address, FF News and email newsletters.
    Please note actual size of page may vary according to news source being used.

    The Footprints Filmworks Foundation-


  6. Omar Abdulla from Footprints Filmworks , July 29, 2009 at 10:12 a.m.

    Footprints Filmworks July 2009 Champ

    There comes a time in the evolution of MAN where he has to make Decisions, some of them good and some of them not so good. Decisions, Deadlines, Dreams and Desires WILL ALWAYS be a motivating factor in ones life.

    As the icy month of July is our Footprints Filmworks "Most Well Dressed Male CHAMP" this is a story that tells of a gentleman who walks slowly and breathes heavily. This is a story of a gentleman who has courage, ambition, admiration and leadership for his community and his people. This is a story of a gentleman who lead South African business to beyond South African borders.

    --Footprints Filmworks Advert--

    The community of South Africa occupies SPACE that of France, Spain, Australia and the Southern America's. As South African leadership is spreading to other countries many business entrepreneurs are spreading their wings with new investments into Social Welfare, Business Seminars, Penny Share Trading and Economic Exchange Skills.

    Mr. Sayed Mia and his team Mr. Sayed Mia Trade Route Mall

    As previous C H A M P S on footprints we have always stuck to our belief systems about life, our parents wishes for us, our inspiring dreams and our unwanted bad thoughts.

    When the footprints team heard about the "Shop till you drop" competition held at Trade Route Mall we were excited by the helicopters with banner signs reading, "Shop till you drop" According to the advertisement Trade Route Mall was offering a two hour shopping experience valued at R100.000.00 per person. According to the advertisement only 1000 people were allowed to be in Mall when this shopping competition was going to take place. According to the advertisement Male Men aged between 18-81 could take part. According to the advertisement this advertisement would only be valid for that specific day.

    Current Mr. South Africa and Managing Director for Footprints Filmworks Omar Abdulla cheered the community leaders to wait until 8:am when the stores open. Although crowds waited who would be elected from the magic hat the anticipation came when Trade Route Mall chairperson came.

    Mr. Omar Abdulla CHAMPION BOX Miss. Sakeena Joosub

    In the magic hat community leaders of Lenasia, Laudium, Roshnee, Verlum, Overport, Rylands, Bokaap and Dundee were selected. Although the magic hat had over 50 000 names ONLY 1000 people were allowed to take part. According to the advertisement community leaders would receive a coupon that would allow them to spend two hours in the Mall and spend R100.000.00.
    When gates opened at 8:am crowds rushed to chairperson Sayed Mia who said that this community initiative was aimed at community growth and leadership.

    "We as Trade Route Mall should inspire our local community leaders about the future of tomorrow."
    Although this competition was only allowed to Male Men the spouses of the husbands elected wanted to join in the fun experience. The Mall then decided to allow females to join the men in their shopping experience but were not allowed to buy anything.
    Hosting 447 stores from Pick and Pay, Clicks, FF News and Edgars shoppers were asked to spend quickly and budget properly. During the first hour of the two hour time limit I bought a few suites for myself, caught up on the latest media, got to see my high school sweetheart and managed to get the sexy jeans that I always wanted.

    Whilst I was busy shopping I noticed Store Manager Sayed Mia having a meal at Ocean Basket. I felt inspired to get to know the Man who put up a 500 million rand Mall, and yet can sit so comfortably with a smile. I felt inspired to ask him what motivated him to build a Mall so big and so quickly. I felt inspired to get to know a Man who had worked so hard and actually get to know his thoughts. I felt inspired to get to know Mr. Mia because of how popular he is in the community.

    --Mr. Footprints Omar Abdulla Advert--

    "I had a vision, I worked hard, I planned and I acted." Mia Says. Mia added by saying that the community of South Africa should look to build their own Malls in their own communities.

    "If every South African community were to build their own Malls this would create a spending power in the South African community. The spending power of South Africans is limited to time, space, matter and energy. The average age group of a shopper is between 18-81 and yet the market demands greater outlook. The day each community of the vast 9600 communities of South Africa build their own Malls, that would be the day that I can say I have lived up to my word as a teacher from back in the day." Mia elaborates.

    As Mr. Mia has been elected exclusively as our Footprints Filmworks Most Well Dressed Male C H A M P I f e l t inspired to spend my remaining one hour to chat to him and learn something new.

    Trade Route Mall Pick and Pay Edgars

    "Visionaries are those people who see beyond their own boundaries. A Visionary is a person who has insight about the future and uses his imagination to build whatever he desires. One needs to first act before thinking when it comes to business in Today's Times. Acting before thinking sometimes creates a surprise to consumers who are left off guard. When it comes to business one needs to always be e i g h t steps above the market to ensure true leadership. Leaders of today are too involved in their own personal dreams than dreams of our community and country." Mia continues.

    When asked what inspired him to be so heavily involved in the community of Lenasia he says that the community always longs for a leader who can withstand the tides of tomorrow. As Leaders, As Community folk, As Parents and as Financiers we should always strive to be better, to achieve higher, to aim to greater heights and to be the best at our fields.

    "I read, I read, I read. I read" that is my secret to my success Mia says.

    When asked what type of wardrobe and fashion wear he likes he mentions name brands including POLO, LEVIS, ARMANI and PRINGLE.

    Pringle Armani Polo Levis

    In conclusion we as the footprints team would like to thank Mr. Sayed Mia for his time, his effort, his knowledge and his financing.

  7. Omar Abdulla from Footprints Filmworks , September 2, 2009 at 6:16 a.m.

    Footprints Filmworks--FF News--The Presidential Box--July 2009


    Page 1

    This is a F O U R Page FF News Brief Bulletin so the footprints team suggests that you be nice and relaxed when viewing this bulletin. This is an Exclusive Interview with dictator President who lead Cuba for 50 years Mr. Fidel Ruz Catro.

    Mr. Fidel Castro has been President of Cuba since 1959 and retired in 2006 due to a severe illness that lead to reports that he died. Mr. Fidel Castro has been known as one of the Worlds Greatest Leaders according to Voters on Today's Times Magazine. Mr. Fidel Castro is leader of the communist lead country Cuba and lead the Cuban Communist Party for more than 30 years. Mr. Fidel Castro has lead Cuba with Staunch belief systems about the country including free education, free health care, free public transportation and free advertising in all major newspapers in Cuba.

    XXX President Fidel Ruz Castro XXX

    Cuba in reality in an island just off the coast of Mexico and occupies S P A C E off one quarter that of South Africa with a population of 15 million Cubans. Cuba has a mixed culture of Spanish, Brazilians, Mexicans and Americans. Cuba is known as "The Honeymoon Haven" hosting tourists who choose to escape for a little while once they get married. Cuba is a Caribbean island with strong investments into Sugar cane plantations, development of fighter jets , media communications and tourism.

    When the footprints team arrived in Cuba in July 2009 scheduled to inteview Mr. Fidel Castro, his brother Raul stopped the footprints team and said that Mr. Fidel Castro is too ill to accept any interviews. However, when the footprints team met with Castro at Havana Radio Offices in Cuba, he seemed frail and bleak and asked Abdulla to bring "Le Peso Montier" with.

    "Le Peso Montier" was a history book that contained all the information about world leaders that Cuba has, including past, present, future and beyond. Among the names in this so- called"Le Peso Montier" was Batista, General Ruz Castro, Pedro De Niz, Sussanah De Silva, Omar Abdulla, Sakeena Joosub, Raul Castro and Liama Kells.

    When the footprints team researched these so-called Cuban leaders, we discovered that the major community centre's in Cuba including Haina, Havana, San Tiago and San Mariana were experiencing waste dumping and electricity cuts in the community due to the neglect from the current Raul Castro government.

    When Managing Director for Footprints Filmworks Omar Abdulla met with the bearded Castro at Havana Radio Offices in Cuba, Castro said that the interview should be quick and spotty and discuss issues not only of Cuban Culture, but of American Culture.


    --The Footprints Filmworks Foundation--


    Footprints Filmworks--FF News--The Presidential Box--July 2009

    Page 2

    When the footprints team spoke to the 81 year old Castro he coughed and sneezed and constantly asked for his medical prescriptions. Castro who said that his 50 years investment into Cuba paid off because the community at large realized his efforts of growth aimed at the right people in government and everyday citizens.

    A local listener on Havana Radio, Nicholas West, asked Castro what his involvement is in the Cuban government currently stating that Cubans have lost interest in the current Raul Castro government and stating that the current government will probably be overthrown by U. S or U.S.S.R allies.

    Castro responded to the callers remarks by saying that the current Cuban government is lead well, amiss, the constant hurricanes and floods.

    "We can control our thoughts, we can control our energies, we can control our power, but we cannot control the call of mother nature." Castro said.

    XXX Cuba XXX

    After taking a few more calls on Radio Havana, a few business advertisements including Pepsi, Coke, FF News and Ferrari rocked Radio Havana.

    Off air, Castro told Abdulla that he did not like the limelight and that we should visit him at home once we done with the interview. Castro who told Abdulla that his speech notes, key note addresses, post cards from American Presidents and other Cuban reading material was available at his home in Havana.

    After the advertisements on Radio Havana, Abdulla questioned Castro about the history of Cuban lead government and the challenges that future presidents face.

    "I knew Barack Obama would be the first African American to uphold the American Flag. The day I saw him on CNBC chanting American dreams to the greater American people convinced me that he would be the future president. It is unfortunate that Barack Obama has forgotten what the American dream is all about. Obama has gotten too involved in the glitter and glamour affairs of the presidency, that he has forgotten what the American Dream is all about" Castro added.

    After the radio interview with Abdulla on Radio Havana, Castro told Abdulla to meet him at home in two hours as he was going to buy a few Cuban Cigars and continue discussions on the current Cuban government and its history.

    When the footprints team met with Castro at his Havana Home in Havana, Castro showed the footprints team a list of community projects that he was involved in including, Newspaper Clippings, Trophies of Achievements, Presidential Minutes and Recent email certificates. Castro who said that the current Cuban government was in "Safe Hands" of his brother Raul.

    XXX Cuban Cigars XXX


    The Footprints Filmworks Foundation-


    Footprints Filmworks--FF News--The Presidential Box--July 2009

    Page 3

    Castro continues by saying that the Cuban government lead by himself was lead with a profile of keeping to key policies in the government and keeping to key profiles of government members.

    "When your key community people do not support you, you have a problem. When I overthrew Batista at the Battle of the Barracks in 1976, Cubans learnt, that my policies and profiles always pan out."

    Cuban Flag Sussanah De Silva Omar Abdulla

    Although Castro spent several years in Exile in Mexico, he says that the step away from Cuba, broadened his landscape of vision and creation.

    "When I stepped away from Cuba, I got to realize how many changes can take place for the better of our country, for the better of our people, for the better of our foes and for the better of our international leaders." Castro said.

    Whilst I was offered a cup of traditional Cuban Coffee at Mr. Fidel Castro's home, he continued our conversation by saying that the current Cuban government is well organized and lead, amid, the constant bullying from the United States regarding forced links of exports from the United States to Cuba.

    "Cuba has remained an underdog in the world economy and support from other countries is always welcome. A few years back, the Cuban government lead a stokveld initiative aimed at growing the country beyond our borders." Castro added.

    Castro added by saying that the stokveld initiative was an initiative that aimed at bringing Super Power countries together and creating leaders amongst worldwide governments. According to Castro the stokveld initiative was a campaign lead by President George Bush and sixteen other nations that included a yearly deposit of 100 million dollars in a Swiss Banking account used for the empowerment and growth of the countries of first, second, third and fourth world countries.

    The stokveld initiative which was a yearly payout of 1.5 billion dollars to the country that was chosen in the magic hat of governments. Once a year, this balloon stokveld amount would be awarded to the country that required the most assistance and leadership.

    Castro elaborated the importance of current governments around the world including France, South Africa, Britain and Australia to aid poorer countries in terms of education, military financing, development of transportation and health services.

    When asked by Abdulla who Castro admires and "looks up to" he comments by saying that people around the world and people who live in villages and societies should "look up to" their own local community leaders for empowerment and growth.

    "When I visited South Africa in 1984, the current government was lead well, and impressed me. P W Botha and his team lead a combined effort of keeping the country in bay. In my opinion the South African apartheid government was far more superior and organized as compared to the current South African government" Castro adds.

    Castro concluded our meeting by saying that when he met the footprints team earlier in the day he was not interested in sharing his ideas about the future governments because he felt that current governments lead by Politian's was not in his hands.

    "We as older or senior leaders have had our hay day, and our share of the piece of the pie. Now it's time for leaders including, Barack Obama, Hosni Mubarak, Omar Abdulla and Nicholas Sarkozy to lead from the front" Castro concluded.


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    Ferrari F430 Scuderia

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    Runner-up: Porche 911 Turbo

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    If you can stomach the price, this is a playful, scary-fast, outrageously competent(0-60 in 3.5 seconds), sexy purebred that makes operatic engine sounds unlike any other. Oh, yes and former Formulae 1 Champion Michael Schumacher(Nicknamed Shumi) was crucial in its development. For those who prefer German, the Ferrari F430 Scuderia is your car at only $300-000-00.

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