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Nielsen's Top Cable Shows

RATINGS FOR WEEK OF 10/16/00 - 10/22/00

"NFL: Lions vs. Buccaneers" (ESPN, 5.0, Thu) was Nielsen's top rated cable show for the week ending Oct. 22. It was followed by:

"Pretty Woman" (TBS, 4.1, Sun),

"WWF Entertainment" (TNN, 3.9, Mon),

"WWF Entertainment" (TNN, 3.6, Mon),

"Rugrats" (NICK, 2.7, Tue),

"Rugrats" (NICK, 2.6, Mon),

"Hey Arnold" (NICK, 2.5, Tue),

"NASCAR: Pop Secret Popcorn 400" (TNN, 2.5, Sun),

"Rugrats" (NICK, 2.4, Sat),

"Rugrats" (NICK, 2.3, Thu),

"Spongebob" (NICK, 2.3, Thu),

"Wild Thornberrys" (NICK, 2.3, Tue),

"Rugrats" (NICK, 2.3, Sun),

"The Craft" (USA, 2.2, Sun),

"Spongebob" (NICK, 2.2, Sat),

"Dragon Ball Z" (TOON, 1.8, Wed),

"WCW Monday Nitro Live" (TNT, 2.1, Mon),

"Rocket Power" (NICK, 2.1, Mon),

"Rugrats" (NICK, 2.1, Fri),

"Spongebob" (NICK, 2.0, Sat),

"Rugrats" (NICK, 2.0, Wed),

"Jackass" (MTV, 2.0, Sun), and

"Dexter's Laboratory" (TOON, 1.8, Tue).

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