SiteScout Publishes Real Simple Guide To Real-Time Bidding

by , Jan 20, 2013, 2:33 PM
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Self-serve DSP SiteScout has published a guide to real-time bidding (RTB). Called the Knowledge Center, the free reference pages include easily accessible infographics and snappy videos designed to demystify the RTB business for marketers.

“We are not an agency and we don't compete with agencies, so we have no need to hoard our knowledge about the media buying process,” says Ratko Vidakovic, director of marketing, SiteScout. “By sharing this information, we enable our advertisers, and marketers from all over, to become better media buyers, especially in the RTB space.”

Designed to educate marketers and media buyers new to the RTB field, the guide includes strategies for campaign planning, creation and optimization, as well as tools for conversion tracking, retargeting and contextual targeting, helping marketers understand how to effectively serve ads across multiple platforms.

“The main points are already well known within the ad tech industry itself,” says Vidakovic, “but for newcomers from the search world or elsewhere, it takes a while to basically grasp these key takeaways about RTB-based media buying.”

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