MRI Releases "Buying Style" Segments: "Habitualized Havers," Etc.

  • by August 18, 2006
Mediamark Research Inc. (MRI) Thursday segmentation studies from its massive consumer panel, including new "buying style" breaks covering such categories as investing, banking, cooking, eating and technology. The "Buying Styles" segmentation divides consumers into six broad categories, all with idiosyncratic consumption patterns: buyers of the best, "habitualized havers," "swayable shopaholics," "conscientious consumers" and "penny-pinchers." Michal Galin, vice-president of research at MRI, explained: "Adults in the same age group and with similar incomes, for instance, often have very different risk tolerance when it come to investing... they seek different levels of emotional payback from shopping, and have different filters on the kinds of foods they buy and prepare." -- Erik Sass
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