Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Guns And Posers

The return of "The Walking Dead" -- America's favorite paranoid brew of dystopianism, reanimation, and survivalism -- is a reminder of the powerful role that television plays in promoting the popularity of firearms. "The Walking Dead" ...More

  • Bauer Sees Future In Online Transactions

    Bauer Xcel, the digital arm of global publisher Bauer Media, hopes to build a billion-dollar business in online transactions spanning verticals including travel, finance, health, gaming and e-commerce. ...More

  • Moving Beyond Branding: Holding TV Accountable For ROI

    Advertisers want and need results that can be tied directly to ROI and sales. As video budgets continue to shift from TV to online, it's about time we hold TV accountable for actual, standalone performance. But ...More