Friday, May 27, 2016
Tearing Down The Candy Walls: Inside The Modern Start-up/ Sweatshop

Every industry has its absurdities, and also its cynical insiders who go on to reveal its secrets. In his memoir "Adventures in the Screen Trade," William Goldman famously summed up Hollywood -- and also pretty much ...More

  • Once A TV Backwater, Summer's A Season For Award-Winning Shows

    Once upon a time, summer was a time for reruns. Now we are awash in new TV shows in summer -- and many of them are actually good. ...More

  • Cross Screen, Forked Tongue

    The notion of cross-screen media is well-heeled by now. There are different names for it. "People-based" is good, since that would make it "consumer-centric." A "single view of the consumer" works, too. Of course, once you ...More