Wednesday, April 1, 2015
NBCU In Apple's New TV Service: A Testy But Workable Marriage?

Apple's new stand-alone TV service has lofty ambitions, big revenue projections, and a projected legion of crazily devoted consumers. Is that enough? Apple has three of four broadcast TV networks nearing a deal for its stand-alone ...More

  • To The Graduating Class Of 2015: Don't Rely On Planning

    My oldest daughter is graduating from university in a few short weeks. She's planning for the future. Her mother and I, being practical parents, have instilled this need for planning in her. It's what practical people ...More

  • Kill The Bots First, Then Tackle Viewability

    This recommendation is based on the simple concept that even if an ad is 100% viewable, if it was caused to load by a bot, it is still fraud, and useless for advertisers, who thought their ...More