Monday, December 5, 2016
    Good Grief

    Ha! I knew I was right! "Get rid of Snoopy," I advised Met Life, in print, because, obviously, the ads were just a particularly saccharine form of celebrity endorsement. And because their Peanuts-ness distracted from whatever ...More

    • Marketing By Fiat: Cialis Santa And The Real Fizzle

      Is there anything cheesier than a "naughty" Santa? Well, yes. The Fiat "Black Friday Event" commercial manages to pack in so many sexist, culturally tone-deaf, throwback, and cringe-making elements in 30 seconds that it's hard to ...More

    • The Voice, Unbundled

      Forget about Millennials. Anyone trying to understand the future of media and technology should observe what the children do. First of all, they talk to computers. ...More