First Down Load: CBS, TiVo Offer One-Click Super Bowl

TiVo and CBS are launching a special two-week Super Bowl campaign that will tout CBS' Monday night lineup of shows, including new show "Rules of Engagement," as well as CBS' drama "Criminal Minds."

TiVo will offer a sneak peek of the upcoming "Rules" comedy and give its subscribers a two-and-a-half-minute trailer of "Criminal Minds" through its Showcase area. A special "Criminal Minds" will also follow the Super Bowl.

In addition, TiVo will provide a one-click recording of CBS' airing of the "Super Bowl XLI," as well as setting up a season pass to record the entire Monday night CBS comedy lineup.

TiVo will embed interactive on-screen tags during the Super Bowl that will allow viewers to quickly record CBS programs. As a side benefit, CBS will get TiVo's unique commercial audience measurement data to better understand how viewers are interacting with CBS TV commercials.

The campaign runs through February 6.