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  • 4K TVs On Rise, Big Demand From China in MediaDailyNews on 11/28/2014

    Activity around 4K television is heating up a bit. A new study says global shipments of 4K TVs climbed over 3 million for the third quarter of this year -- now totaling 6.4 million units shipped for the year.

  • TV's Lifespan: Less Than Two Decades Left? in TV Watch on 11/26/2014

    Reed Hastings, chief executive officer of Netflix -- a prominent TV disrupter -- believes TV's demise is only 16 years away. Make that 2030. We don't know if Hastings was really serious. But with all the digital disruption over the last decade and a half, many folks must have had similar thoughts about traditional TV's death.

  • NBC Tops All Nets In November in MediaDailyNews on 11/26/2014

    TV's first of four "sweep" periods -- still a measure of worth for medium and smaller TV market stations -- has put NBC on top of all networks in November for the third year in a row. NBC was at a Nielsen 2.3 rating among key 18-49 viewers.

  • TiVo Revs, Subscribers Record Uptick in MediaDailyNews on 11/25/2014

    TiVo's third-quarter financial results witnessed higher revenue, strong gains in its subscriber base -- but lower expected net income. TiVo pulled in $118.4 million in revenue -- up 1% from a year ago -- with revenue from its services and technology business up 7.8% to $88.1 million.

  • Google, You've Got It Wrong: Pay ME $1 A Month  in TV Watch on 11/25/2014

    Google has got it all backwards for its Google Contributor plan, which will ban ads for certain sites if users pay them $1, or $2, or $3 a month. No, Google. I don't pay you; you pay me.

  • 'Tonight' Showcased In NYC Via Rockefeller Center Marquee in MediaDailyNews on 11/25/2014

    NBC's marketing for its big late-night program gets a bump with a marquee for "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." The new sign is now atop the 6th Avenue side of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, the first marquee of its type ever at the famed New York City building.

  • NBC Tops TV Rivals in MediaDailyNews on 11/24/2014

    Two months into the new TV season, NBC is sitting on top of all TV networks, with no change versus its position through week seven. NBC averaged a Nielsen 2.9 rating among 18-49 viewers when analyzing live program ratings plus seven days of time-shifting.

  • TV Heads Will Roll - Sometimes, Even TV Ratings in TV Watch on 11/24/2014

    You can't be sure what happened at the "Today" show, with the very short reign of executive producer Jamie Horowitz, who lasted just over two months on the job. Rumors spread that Horowitz wanted to make some big major changes -- including moving out "Today"'s main news reader, Natalie Morales, as well as on-air personality William Geist, and possibly even main host Savannah Guthrie.

  • Merger Talks Hike Dish's Stock Price in MediaDailyNews on 11/24/2014

    For the fifth day in a row, Dish Network's stock continues to climb -- mostly due to potential merger talks with telecommunications companies. This news is coupled with the government auction of airwaves for use in mobile broadband -- perhaps the biggest auction in the Federal Communications Commission's history.

  • Turner Networks Return To Dish in MediaDailyNews on 11/21/2014

    Dish Network carriage deals are coming and potentially going -- with Turner Broadcasting one of those that is arriving. The nearly month-long standoff between the satellite pay TV provider and Time Warner cable network group returns Turner networks CNN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, truTV, TCM, HLN, CNN en Espanol and Boomerang -- and extends carriage deals of TBS and TNT -- to Dish subscribers.

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  • 'TV Everywhere' Isn't Going Anywhere, Study Finds Most Viewers Still In The Dark by Wayne Friedman (MediaPost Weekend on 01/03/2014)

    This from Ramp: "The nuance in the numbers comes from the slight difference in the way we asked the questions: TV Everywhere is predicated on a subscription-based experience of logging into a cable provider’s app or web site to view content. In our view, this low response highlights that the term TV Everywhere is still very new to the market; consumers aren’t aware of it. In the third question, we asked about viewing content via an app or a web site, and as we expected, we got a higher response from folks here – still low generally speaking, but removing the branded term seemed to help folks relate to the concept.

  • CBS Falling Back To TV's Promo Future by Wayne Friedman (TV Watch on 06/18/2013)

    CBS must be doing something right. It won the coveted 18-49 primetime crown this past season -- the first time in a long time -- as well as maintaining its overall primetime leadership among all viewers.

  • Teaching Pre-Schoolers The Perks Of A Fast-Forwarding TV Life by Wayne Friedman (TV Watch on 11/30/2009)

    Many TV research studies have shown over and over again more TV viewing means more chances viewers will view commercials. That's because, on average, 75% of the time viewers fast forward through commercials. Even with all the new TV technology a good chunk of viewers still watch commercials in real time.

  • Yes, On-Air Program Promos Work by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 07/02/2009)

    On-air promos certainly work. All of which is compounded by the fact of broadcast network erosion. Networks are desperate to get more eyeballs to at least sample TV shows -- but it's a losing proposition. Where will on-air promos land next? The Internet? Networks need much more than that.

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