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  • OTT Users Growing, YouTube, Netflix Dominate in MediaDailyNews on 10/06/2015

    YouTube is projected to be the top over-the-top video service provider this year -- and five years from now -- in terms of monthly users. But Netflix is gaining on the Google video platform.

  • Rentrak Starts TV Ratings Service For Syndicated Programs in MediaDailyNews on 10/05/2015

    After many years of offering TV station ratings and TV network viewing data, Rentrak is starting up a data service for syndication TV programming. The service will report national ratings and impressions for live, C3 and C7 metrics for total TV homes as well as, automotive purchasing, retailer spend, creditworthiness and political audiences based on daily reporting from all 210 markets.

  • If You Rebrand Advertising, Would Creatives Or Consumers Be Impressed? in TV Watch on 10/05/2015

    Sir Martin Sorrell has a strong point of view on the names of things. Here he is on linking his own company with the term "advertising": "We need to rename it because it encourages people to think that creativity is the preserve or reserve of that creative department, of that creative director in that so-called ad agency," said the WPP Group chief executive at an Advertising Week event.

  • M&A Market For Media/Technology Near Strong Pre-Recession Levels in MediaDailyNews on 10/05/2015

    The Jordan, Edmiston Group (JEGI), the investment banker, says 1,758 transactions were announced with a total value of $106.2 billion. This is up in both areas versus the same nine-month period a year ago.

  • Study: 25% Of Consumers Favor 'Entertaining' Content Over Accuracy in MediaDailyNews on 10/05/2015

    While the importance of accurate media content is important for a majority of media consumers, a sizable percentage prefer "entertaining" content over accuracy. For Millennials, "entertaining" content is more important than accuracy versus other media consumer groups.

  • Are TV Networks Making A Mistake With Netflix?  in TV Watch on 10/02/2015

    Maybe major media companies have dipped their toes too deep into the waters of subscription video-on-demand operators like Netflix and Amazon. In an investor meeting, David Zaslav, president/chief executive officer of Discovery Communications, said this practice doesn't make sense. "It's just not rational that all of us in the content business sold our content to a distributor and have allowed that distributor to gain so much share and offer it without our brands ... Ultimately, content is what sells every platform."

  • Viacom Taps Zilberbrand For Audience Science Post in MediaDailyNews on 10/02/2015

    Building its research efforts, as well as pursuing its "non-Nielsen monetization" strategy, Viacom has hired media agency veteran Julian Zilberbrand to a new position: EVP of audience science.

  • Millennials' TV Viewing Favors VOD, Streaming  in MediaDailyNews on 10/02/2015

    TV networks increasingly get a sizable piece -- almost 30% -- of their total month-long viewing of a TV program from millennials/Gen Xers' after its live airing from video-on-demand/streamed viewing.

  • Addressable TV: More Excitement Than With Digital? in MediaDailyNews on 10/01/2015

    While programmatic media efforts continue to grow for many marketers, one financial marketer says another data-centric media format, addressable TV, is gaining big buzz at his company -- more so than with digital formats.

  • 'Tonight' Wins First Season Week, 'Late Show' Closes Gap  in MediaDailyNews on 10/01/2015

    Although "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" won the first week of the TV season in the late-night category, CBS cut into the show's dominating lead with its new "Late Show with Stephen Colbert."

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  • Sobering Wall Street Media Picture: Cord-Cutting Concerns Come To Market by Wayne Friedman (TV Watch on 08/06/2015)

    Ed, you need to read more MediaPost. Perhaps you got that 13.8 million number in this story:

  • Netflix Viewing Rises, Impacts Trad TV Trends by Wayne Friedman (MediaDailyNews on 04/23/2015)

    The overall chart was titled: "Netflix consumption as a percentage of total traditional viewing."The line item of 129.5 billion hours was labelled as Total Linear TV Viewing. 

  • 'TV Everywhere' Isn't Going Anywhere, Study Finds Most Viewers Still In The Dark by Wayne Friedman (MediaPost Weekend on 01/03/2014)

    This from Ramp: "The nuance in the numbers comes from the slight difference in the way we asked the questions: TV Everywhere is predicated on a subscription-based experience of logging into a cable provider’s app or web site to view content. In our view, this low response highlights that the term TV Everywhere is still very new to the market; consumers aren’t aware of it. In the third question, we asked about viewing content via an app or a web site, and as we expected, we got a higher response from folks here – still low generally speaking, but removing the branded term seemed to help folks relate to the concept.

  • CBS Falling Back To TV's Promo Future by Wayne Friedman (TV Watch on 06/18/2013)

    CBS must be doing something right. It won the coveted 18-49 primetime crown this past season -- the first time in a long time -- as well as maintaining its overall primetime leadership among all viewers.

  • Teaching Pre-Schoolers The Perks Of A Fast-Forwarding TV Life by Wayne Friedman (TV Watch on 11/30/2009)

    Many TV research studies have shown over and over again more TV viewing means more chances viewers will view commercials. That's because, on average, 75% of the time viewers fast forward through commercials. Even with all the new TV technology a good chunk of viewers still watch commercials in real time.

  • Yes, On-Air Program Promos Work by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 07/02/2009)

    On-air promos certainly work. All of which is compounded by the fact of broadcast network erosion. Networks are desperate to get more eyeballs to at least sample TV shows -- but it's a losing proposition. Where will on-air promos land next? The Internet? Networks need much more than that.

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