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by Aug 26, 2008, 2:13 PM
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TED Conferences
Finalist Video Sharing (excluding YouTube)

Method: Bruce Bell and Milena Sadee, senior designers; Robert Murdock, design director; Anna Hirte, designer; Phi-Hong Ha, user experience designer; Austin Hunter, design technologist; PJ Onori, design technologist; Stefanie Yaeger, project manager; David Lipkin, account manager; Christian Omania, development lead; Christopher Berry, front-end developer; Bertrand Fan, senior PHP director; Karl Norling, PHP developer; Christine Aiko Beck, content strategist, QA. TED: June Cohen, executive producer; Chris Anderson, curator; Jason Wishnow, director of film & video; Emily McManus, editor; Michael Glass, production manager; Marla Mitchnick, video editor; Kevin Kwan, photo editor.

The annual ted conference invites leading thinkers to speak about their worldchanging projects in front of a highly influential audience. Ted. com turns those very big ideas into highly accessible and portable video packages that meet the diverse technical needs of a worldwide audience. The site's video player uses chapter marking that lets users navigate a talk by topic, not just by minutes and seconds. Visitors not only get profile pages for posting and commenting on ideas, they also get a generous menu of options for sending or downloading videos and porting them to everything from iPods to set-top boxes. Because it anticipates and serves the digital needs of a worldwide audience,'s adaptable technology makes it easier to think big.

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