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Aliza Freud

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Aliza Freud is the CEO of SheSpeaks Inc. ( an award-winning user content platforms that connect influencers to brands to create and amplify compelling content. SheSpeaks helps companies like P&G, L'Oreal, American Express and Citibank build powerful user content that reaches millions of consumers via paid and earned media. Prior to founding SheSpeaks and Ms. Freud was an executive at American Express where she led worldwide brand innovation initiatives. Ms. Freud lives in New Jersey with her husband, two daughters and yellow Labrador Retriever.

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  • Video Killed The TV Star in Engage:Millennials on 07/31/2015

    In 1979, the Buggles song, "Video Killed the Radio Star," topped the charts in 16 countries around the world. The song tells the tale of a radio star who is no longer relevant because he/she hasn't been able to make the transition to video.

  • Millennial Women And Video: What They Watch in Engage:Millennials on 05/29/2015

    Video has exploded in popularity over the last couple of years and is now going head to head with TV. According to the IAB, 25% of all Americans watch digital video. This year's NewFronts, in recognition of the importance of video for consumers and brands, covered the explosive growth of the industry with over 30 presentations.

  • Millennial, Gen X And Boomer Women: Not As Different As You Might Think in Engage:Millennials on 01/30/2015

    The great differences between the Millennial, Gen X and Boomer generations are a subject of many studies and debate. These groups, born into different economic, political, and technical environments, are typically discussed based on their unique, differentiating attributes, as marketers try to develop strategies that uniquely target each population.

  • Political Ads Turn Mom Voters Off  in Engage:Moms on 08/29/2012

    The 2012 Presidential election is not until November, but campaigning is in full swing. Both parties have raised staggering amounts of money, with Obama edging out Romney, $587 million to $524 million. That's over a billion dollars, and the conventions are just beginning.

  • Is Social Media Making Moms Feel 'In-Touch' Or 'Over-Stimulated'?  in Engage:Moms on 03/30/2012

    There is no denying that mom's day is full. Mom's days were full long before social media entered her world. But come into her world it did! In a recent survey, we found 65% of moms reported that they spend more than an hour a day on Facebook alone. And 28% said that they spend more than three hours a day on Facebook.

  • Building Online Communities For Insight, Advocacy  in Marketing Daily on 02/04/2010

    At their best, online communities accelerate and deepen our social proclivities. But building a vibrant community is hard.

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