• The Most Important Stop on Mom's Purchase Journey
    On the path to purchase, what sources of information wield the most influence on what shoppers buy? Given the variety of ways consumers share and receive information today, that question has become even more complex for marketers seeking to connect to potential customers. When it comes to making purchases for the kids in the family, parents across the board resoundingly named their child as the key purchase driver, with virtually all parents indicating their child is the essential source of information in the decision-making process.
  • What Moms Are Watching This Summer (Other Than TV)
    Video, video, video. It's a topic I've posted about often, perhaps at the risk of sounding like a broken record. (Would Millennial Moms even know what that clich refers to?) However, a recent study illustrates again the overwhelming use of video among moms of all generations, with higher numbers among Millennial Moms who love the "customized" viewing options that are instantaneous, shareable, informative and portable. Moms are more videos than ever on their phones or mobile devices, tuning in to YouTube, Facebook, Amazon and Vine to name a few.
  • Beyond Babies: Daily Digital Routines Of Moms With Older Kids
    Ask any mom, and she'll tell you: The first year of motherhood is chaotic. Every time you think you've settled into a routine, your baby decides to throw it all out the window. Nap times shift, eating habits evolve, and developmental milestones rocket past. The only thing you can predict about the first year is that your routine will change - routinely.
  • Back-To-School With Millennial Moms
    Fourth of July is upon us and for some parents, visions of sending kids back to school are already dancing in their minds. This includes millennial moms-believe it or not, some women on the older end of the millennial generation have children that are of school age and are preparing for classes in the fall. And this year, about $56.3 billion in back-to-school sales is expected - that's a lot of backpacks, school supplies, new shoes and more.
  • Why Aldi And Brands Like It Are Going To Win With Millennial Moms And Dads
    Goldman Sachs recently released a report that projected how a tidal wave of new moms in the millennial generation will reshape the economy, an impact that will partly be driven by pure numbers. Millennials are the largest U.S. generation of all time, and now account for 90% of all new moms. In case you were hesitating, now's the time to buy stock in baby formula and ironic onesies.
  • Want To Better Connect With Moms? Shop With Them
    It's surprising to me how many retailers are not actually shopping with their customers. As companies who are in the business of serving the constantly evolving needs of shoppers, it is important to shop alongside customers to better understand their behaviors and attitudes around the point of purchase.
  • Celebrating The Involved Millennial Dad
    In honor of Father's Day this Sunday, let's turn the spotlight on millennial dads. We all know that millennial moms are the hot topic right now, with this youngest generation of mothers (and all millennials) set to become the largest generation of consumers this year. Moving into the top spot of influence with moms are the dudes who, like moms, view fatherhood much differently than their own dads did. From parenting to finances, the traditional areas of responsibility for millennial dads have definitely been blurred and on most issues, redefined.
  • Parenting Is A Gender-Neutral Job
    Millennial dads are being kept busy by their kids, but that doesn't mean they don't also take time to do some of the family's shopping. Research found that when it comes to purchase decision-making, dads say they are primarily responsible for electronics and financial services.
  • Five Don'ts In Working With Mom Influencers
    There is a proliferation of influencer marketing companies cropping up each and every day. Ever more marketers are understanding how influencers can bring in new audiences to the brand. In fact, many influential moms have bigger and more engaged audiences than many top brands. But beware the company you choose.
  • The Future Of Media Starts At Home
    The media behaviors of next-generation audiences are being shaped at home with the proliferation of smart and internet-enabled devices and new parental attitudes and behaviors regarding online content. For example, over the last three years, ownership of tablets, web-enabled televisions and digital media receivers (such as Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, etc.) has increased significantly year over year in homes with kids under 13 years old. Coincidentally, subscription video-on-demand services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime Instant Video have also seen significant year-over-year growth in these households.
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