• Harness Social And Online To Influence Mom's In-Store Purchases
    There's no question the path to purchase is nonlinear, especially for moms. Moms seamlessly zigzag through various channels and media all the way to the checkout line. For many years, in-store shopper marketing was limited to initiatives such as store signage, displays or promotions to drive sales at the point of purchase. While these tactics are certainly still effective, moms no longer rely on just the latest end cap.
  • Should Beauty Brands Worry About The #NoMakeUp Movement?
    In late August at MTVs Video Music Awards, Alicia Keys showed up to present the Best Male Video Award as well as honor Martin Luther King Jr. Keys appeared at the event sans makeup and the internet took notice. Tens of thousands of tweets appeared both encouraging as well as rebuking Keys' decision.
  • How To Win The Mom Vote
    With only a few weeks left until Election Day in a highly contentious presidential contest, Hillary and Donald would do well to heed the timeless advice of listening to their mothers, all 40 million of them. This powerful group of voters will head to the polls in November hoping, as all voters do, to shape the future of the country, and more importantly their children's futures, through the ballot box. In a recent survey, more than 89% of moms - Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers - plan to vote in the 2016 election but 60% of these same moms feel ...
  • Taking An Audience-First Approach To Reach Moms
    As marketers in this content-centered world, our goal is to break through the noise and make meaningful connections with our consumers. Reaching Moms has never been as easy or as challenging as it is today. We have an abundance of channels in which to reach our target audience, but attention spans are shorter than ever.
  • Don't Discount The Influence Of Moms
    Last week, an article from a trade headlined, "Is the Mommy Blog Dead?" went viral. The article has two perspectives on the question of: "Is the Mommy Blog Dead?" One of the perspectives comes from a former mom blogger turned influencer agency founder. Her contention is, in short, that "mommy" bloggers did not evolve and they no longer have credibility or influence. Oh, and more often than not, they do not disclose properly about sponsored blog content.
  • It's College Move-In Season, Just Ask Moms
    This week marks National College Move-In Week when more than 130 colleges and universities welcome students for the fall semester. This means moms will invest plenty of money and sweat equity moving their sons and daughters in to dorms and apartments, a process that I have experienced twice in the last five weeks as I helped two of my children move to college towns at least six states away. From the shopping trips to the road trips with a packed car, I spy multiple opportunities for marketers to tap in to this segment of moms who are sending their sons ...
  • Nostalgia Runs Deep Among Semi-acculturated Latina Millennials
    Food is emotional. This emotional connection couldn't be more true than among semi-acculturated Latina Millennials aged 18-34.
  • Millennial Moms Vs. Established Moms: Know The Difference
    The role of women has changed substantially over the past few generations. As a result, today's moms are empowered by a different set of tools and are confronted with a different set of obstacles.
  • Back-To-School Mom Myths: Marketing Missteps Leading Up To The Real 'New Year'
    As a working mom, I am starting to feel the heat of a waning summer season. How am I supposed to relax when I am juggling work, parenting a kid with too much free time and starting to prep for the new school year?
  • When And Why Moms Click 'Buy': Recommendations, Reviews & Incentives
    When was the last time you watched a TV commercial and thought, "Wow, I do need to buy that vacuum!"? Or how about the time you clicked a digital banner ad featuring the shoes you just admired? Guess what? it's not the way mom shops, either.
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