• How Millennials Are Redefining The Role Of Grandparents
    Of the many differences between Millennial Moms and their predecessors, there is one influence that is worth noting for marketers and that is the redefined role of grandparents. The Millennial Moms' parents as grandparents play a much bigger and more detailed role in the family, not only for the Moms but also for their children.
  • Speaking Her Language: How Brands Connect With Moms Around The Globe
    Companies are under constant pressure to maintain a unified global brand message, but that strategy can have its pitfalls. Imagine, for example, that you're a European company trying to market a relaxing bubble bath to new moms in China. After launching your digital ad campaign, you suddenly find yourself in hot water with your core demographic. Little did you know, the Chinese tradition of zuo yuezi requires new moms to observe strict rules during their post-childbirth confinement period. One of the biggest taboos? Baths.
  • The Multicultural Diversity Of Motherhood
    While most of us tend to think of diversity as Hispanic, African American, Asian and other ethnicities, there is a growing diversity in all Americans, and also between them. This is the very reason Tara J. Frank, vice president for multicultural strategy at 100+-year-old Hallmark, has such an important job.
  • Don't Forget About The Parents Of Generation Z
    Parents of Generation Z, the name given to those born after 1995, are entering a new life stage as their children stand on the cusp of adulthood. Today's parents are particularly hungry for content that relates to their needs, much like they received when they were parents of newborns. However, unlike that previous stage in their lives, they don't have the luxury of looking to best practices from the past as they navigate for the first time what it means to parent in this digital age.
  • The Importance Of Relationships To Millennial Moms
    There is probably no other word that holds as much importance in effective marketing to mothers than the word relationship, and no other generation places more value on the word than Millennial Moms. It's a word that I typically tie to adjectives such as relevant, timely, meaningful and transparent. As marketers, while we know relationships are important to every generation of moms, the Millennial Moms have predictably upped the ante.
  • A Shift Toward Organics Among Moms, Brands, And Retailers
    I can remember when I started scanning food labels for the word "organic." My daughter was about six months old and just beginning to try solid food. Like many moms, I wanted to be sure she was getting the safest, healthiest food possible, so I started buying organic yogurt and baby food. Looking for that organic label became a habit, and now that my kids are seven and ten years old, I still buy organic snacks and milk for them.
  • The Myth Of The Married Mother
    Back in the 1970s, "The Partridge Family," "The Brady Bunch" and "The Jeffersons" reigned supreme. Ninety-four percent of all births were to married mothers. Today, 52% of all Millennial mothers giving birth are not married. The days where a family equals a husband, a wife, and two or more children are long gone.
  • Moms Are Ready For Online Grocery Shopping
    Online grocery shopping is not a new concept. It's been tried and many have failed, but as with everything, it's all about timing. Stores like Wegmans are seeing early success on their second trial because of advances in technology and personalization. Tying personal shopper to the online buying process has been one way Wegmans has been able to satisfy moms who want thin asparagus versus just an order of asparagus.
  • Creating The Perfect Partnership
    Creating the perfect partnership - whether with another company or with a non-profit organization - can be key to strengthening your relationship with moms and grow your overall business. But in order for this partnership to truly be a win-win for all involved, you need to find the perfect fit for your brand. Here are some tips for you to consider on your road to collaboration:
  • The International Business Of Marketing To Moms
    The World Wide Web has created myriad opportunities for business from ecommerce to global insights within a keyboard's distance. The business of marketing to moms has been untouched by the ability to share ideas and relationships. I'm often asked about the world of moms and marketing outside U.S. borders, especially if companies are contemplating an expansion into other countries.
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