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Gt Conectd 2 The WM
One out of three households has two incomes. This implies that full-time employment is a necessity and/or desire for many Moms. In simple economic terms, it also means she has more household budget to spend. Don't forget about her.» 0 Comments
Help Them Make Friends
Moms of all ages are lonely and use the Internet to form new friendships based on shared interests, life events, and parenting support.» 0 Comments
Bloggers Make It 'Real' -- Offline
In recent years, the term "social" has undergone some redefinition. Once a description for a live event or an outgoing person, it became the nomenclature for what appeared to be the opposite -- a virtual experience, where traditional "sociability" was tossed out the window. Now, it's beginning to shift back -- all of which suggests that one way or the other, moms will find a means to connect with each other.» 0 Comments
WIIFM: Keeping Up With Moms
Looking beyond the social revolution, going mobile is the next frontier for those seeking to engage with the mom on the go. Two key things that women are utilizing mobile web access and apps for: shopping and social networking.» 0 Comments