Results for July 2009

Just Cause: Finding the Perfect Cause-Marketing Fit
What makes for a good cause-marketing campaign? Here are some tips for how brands can create the perfect marketing-to-mom cause partnership.» 0 Comments
Mommy Blogger Backlash
A relationship that was once based on a simple understanding -- companies supplied products to mom bloggers to review, moms reviewed products for fun and to attract an audience -- may suddenly be in semi-crisis.» 0 Comments
Find The Ideal Time Window
The challenge for marketers targeting online moms is multifaceted. First, they have to get their message in front of the target demographic in a timely way. They then have to build brand loyalty within a relatively short amount of time. Here are some ideas.» 0 Comments
How To Talk To Moms? Listen.
Open your ears (and your email in-box, and your Facebook page, and your whatever else you can imagine) and ask the question: "Hello, who are you?" And then listen.» 0 Comments
Beyond Blogs: Niche Brands And Mommy Bloggers
Yes, their readership is smaller but their reach in selected consumer segments is much greater. And, as any marketer knows, the innovators and early adoptors of just about any product category are research junkies, the ones most likely to be reading niche blogs.» 0 Comments