Results for January 2010

Facebook Is Fertile Ground
Facebook is fertile ground for marketers to engage mothers and drive sales, but communication must be on moms' terms. While they don't have time for brands that don't get it, they embrace the brands that play by their rules.» 0 Comments
Moms Want Tools, Not Toys
Today's moms don't blame themselves when technology doesn't work, they blame the brand. Tech companies who take the time to understand mom and build products that empower her will earn a very powerful fan with a whole lot of friends.» 0 Comments
Responsible Blogging And FTC Guidelines
While we laud the FTC for promoting transparency and any potential bias, their first change-up of the guidelines fall short. Here's why.» 0 Comments
New Year, New Trends
January presents the opportunity to evaluate the goals of the year past, test new initiatives in the coming year and re-evaluate insights of their target market. When it comes to mothers, I've tracked consumer behaviors that the team at BSM Media feels will lead to the "Mom Marketing Trends of 2010."» 0 Comments