Results for February 2011

Listen To Your Mother, The New Assistant Brand Manager
Even if your brand doesn't have a Mom panel and you are thinking about next year's budgets and the allocation, here is what she's telling you to think about.» 0 Comments
Alpha Moms, Tiger Moms And Me -- The Accidental Influencer
On a regular basis, we marketers strive to reach these established Alpha Moms, build relationships with them and mine their wealth of knowledge about what influences their influencees. It's good PR. It's good marketing. We are all on the same page, brands and bloggers, providing information that entertains, informs and makes life a little easier for moms.» 0 Comments
What We Learned From VW's Super Bowl Success
If you were one of the millions watching last Sunday's Super Bowl, you probably saw the ad from Volkswagen that showcased a pint-sized Darth Vader using "The Force" on the new 2012 Passat. While Volkswagen was one of several automakers stepping back into the Super Bowl ad game, it was the only one that created a campaign that resonated with a key consumer demographic: Moms.» 0 Comments
The Real Moms of Influence
Technology has made it easier in many ways to for marketers to reach moms. However, just as moms are consuming multiple media and going about their offline lives, it's important for marketers to move into the next horizon of mom marketing.» 0 Comments