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Advertising To Women/Moms -- A Brief History
With March being Women's History Month, sharing a retrospective on how advertising to women has evolved through the years seemed appropriate. I think it's safe to say that the launch of Ladies Home Journal in 1883 by Cyrus H.K. Curtis, with his wife Louisa as editor, was a major milestone in the practice of creating advertising specifically targeting women.» 0 Comments
Beyond The Swag: Bloggers Use Social Media To Do Good
I see an important trend here. Mom bloggers who have focused to date on reviewing products or talking about their personal experiences are now looking to make a greater contribution -- to have real impact. This offers exciting opportunities for bloggers and brands alike.» 0 Comments
Why Kellogg's Latest Cause Marketing Campaign Works
Highlighting breakfast as one of the most important meals of the day is not a new marketing-to-mom strategy, but Kellogg is taking this initiative one step further by making breakfast more than just a meal and turning it into a cause-marketing campaign that is resonating with families throughout the U.S.» 0 Comments
Promoted Tweets Pleasing Moms?
Along with a number of brands, I am participating in the Twitter Promoted Tweets beta test with one of my clients. We're reaching out to moms in a whole new way and learning as we go along, as we always do, from savvy moms.» 0 Comments
Mom Marketing At 35,000 Feet
Two dozen brands from Frito Lay to Mercedes Benz were interested in learning from our hindsights in engaging moms. They wanted to know the successes, best-in-class marketing programs and, most importantly, the mistakes made by U.S. companies.» 0 Comments