Results for March 2009

The Mom Timeline
What is important for marketers to understand with the Mom Timeline are the needs of Moms at each stage of their children's lives. The days are long and the years are short, but the Mom Timeline is evergreen.» 0 Comments
Nothing Artificial
Moms want real, not a chemistry lab on their breakfast table. The litmus test is, if you can sell it to a New England farmer's wife, then you've got something.» 0 Comments
E-Newsletters: Influencing Behavior And Gathering Consumer Insights
A sure-fire channel to engage, enlighten and drive action is with subscriber-based electronic newsletters. But just because you have their ear once (or, in this case, their inbox), it doesn't mean you have their long-standing loyalty. Herein are valuable tips to finding marketing-mom success with e-newsletters.» 0 Comments
From Marketing Fog To Mommy Blog
Word of mouth -- rather than newsprint -- is extraordinarily impactful among moms, and the musings of mommy bloggers fall within that umbrella. Marketers who remain skeptical about the influence of mom bloggers must acknowledge that adhering exclusively to the old ways just won't work.» 0 Comments