Results for September 2009

Social Media Moms: A Worthwhile Investment
Many moms who entered the social space for personal reasons now stay for professional ones. As they take their social media careers to the next level they have the skills to help you do the same with your branded online efforts.» 0 Comments
How To Market To The Digital Mom
As social circles flow and gain traction online, they shift offline, influencing WOM recommendations among Moms, family members, friends and even strangers in a continuous and exponential process. Here are three proven methods for brands to successfully leverage powerful WOM among Moms.» 0 Comments
A New Generation Demands Marketing 2.0
Aside from the age-specific information and products they desire, their use of Facebook, video and networking sites have created a more homogenous multi-generation of mothers. However, this new generation demands a new generation of marketing with unique characteristics, benchmarks and tactics. Here are just a few to consider.» 0 Comments
Trade Shows: Why We're All In A Dither
Our research led us to identify several brands, at various different levels of sponsorship, from individual bloggers to a high-level conference presence, that did it right. Here are some of the best practices we found.» 0 Comments
Wooing Women: It's A Head Game
Wouldn't it be easier if marketers could just read women's minds? Here are some tips for getting inside the head of the home's chief purchasing officer.» 0 Comments