Results for October 2010

Tune Into Her With 10 Tactics
Research data and philosophical approaches toward engaging mothers are often written about here. Today, I'm going for practical and immediate tips to improve your mom-marketing.» 0 Comments
So Many Blogs, So Little Time
What continues to amaze me is the sheer proliferation of ways to approach the mom consumer. It's mind-boggling and ever-changing. Unlike traditional advertising and promotions, which offer myriad ways to reach the consumer, the online space is on hyper-drive.» 0 Comments
Moms Can Put the 'Happy' in Holiday Sales
As the leaves turn colors and the temperature falls, it's time for marketers to think seriously about their holiday marketing efforts and how to turn connections with moms into sales. It's not too late to reach the powerful Mom Market.» 0 Comments
Market Your Health-focused Message Through Schools
With a targeted offer and the right messaging and execution, a through-school marketing program can be one of the most effective ways to engage health-focused moms, create brand goodwill and build long-term brand loyalty.» 0 Comments