Results for July 2011

Pay Me, Why Don't You
Bloggers who regularly provide visibility for a client's brand for free should be recognized whenever possible with other, paid opportunities, as the natural progression of that corporate or agency relationship.» 0 Comments
Moms Can't Wait for QR Codes
The beauty of the QR codes is that they can help marketers transition smoothly into a robust mobile strategy. As over 60% of moms now have smartphones, developing a credible mobile strategy is a must for most consumer brands.» 0 Comments
Chrysler, Google Show Why Dad Is Part Of Marketing-To-Mom Equation
Today's dad has a much more active role in the day-to-day operations of family life and is adding new dimension to our traditional marketing to mom strategies.» 0 Comments
A Campaign That Honors, Empowers, Respects Mom
All too often, it seems that the media spotlight shines on marketing initiatives gone bad. Unfortunately, the same viral buzz that is created with a good mom marketing program can take a brand mistake and catapult it to another level. I'm not going to waste my words here recapping all the social media tragedies of big brands; instead, I want to focus on successes.» 0 Comments