Results for August 2010

Support Motherhood
If businesses choose to support motherhood by embracing this group and trying to better understand them, the relationship has a win-win potential.» 0 Comments
What Bloggers Want
Now is the time when more thoughtful approaches to blogger outreach will bear fruit. Bloggers often act as alpha consumers rather than journalists. Their writing influences numerous potential consumers, but in many ways, they respond to outreach more as consumers than as journalists.» 0 Comments
From Coupons To Conversion
The success of a couponing promotion and its ability to convert new consumers into advocates relies on the brand's ability to first pinpoint which offer Moms simply won't be able to refuse.» 0 Comments
Moms Develop Back To School Strategies
Whether parents cheer or jeer at the end of summer, the retailers who pay attention to these trends, offer money-saving deals and let Moms help their school will gain the business of the household CFO and build valuable brand and store loyalty in the process.» 0 Comments