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Does Being A Parent Make You More Well?
Our recent "Truth about Wellness" study revealed that the age of wellness is well and truly upon us. Spending on wellness has doubled in the last decade, and will continue to grow at an impressive rate as the concept becomes further ingrained in our culture. In fact, it is a concept so rich with possibility that it is shifting from a perceived luxury to being considered a fundamental human right.» 0 Comments
That Time of Year
Hello 2013, and thanks for the new start. Time for fresh goals, a resolution or two, and some reinvigorating change. With a little planning and persistence, we ought to be able to create a better year ahead, right? Truth is, it's not always that easy - just ask a mom.» 0 Comments
Reaching Social Media Users In 2013
A lot has changed in the social media space in the last few years. Duh! Along with the technological leaps, though, we've seen a change in the ways that moms connect with brands. Once simple relationship building, one blogger at a time, the business of reaching out to social media influencers in the Mom-sphere has morphed into a complex system.» 0 Comments
Happy & Healthy New Year: What Mom Wants in Her Healthcare Relationships
In addition to being CEO of the household, Mom is also CHO-Chief Healthcare Officer. Mom is often the gatekeeper to family health and, during this time of year, when we are already seeing a record number of flu strains and other illnesses, the CHO is working overtime.» 2 Comments
2013 Predictions For The State of Today's Networked Mom
It's that time of year when we reflect on the year's accomplishments and start thinking about what the next year will bring regarding today's Networked Mom. Will marketing to moms look different? Will there be any less emphasis on her and her continuing power? Here are our thoughts.» 1 Comments
13 Marketing Do's and Don'ts for 2013
It's 2013 and as the number on your calendar changes so should some of your mom marketing strategies. I've assembled 13 do's and don'ts that you may want to pay attention to as you enter the new year.» 0 Comments