Results for November 2009

Adapt To Reach Your Audience
From spouses to children, health to finances, friends to colleagues, finding the triggers to how a mom engages is not an exercise for the weak, nor is it one that is going to be delegated anytime soon.» 0 Comments
Maclaren And The Recall
Looking for just a little more proof that social media can spread its tentacles far and wide -- and get results by engaging both moms and brands? Simply Google or Twitter Search "MacLaren Stroller Recall."» 0 Comments
5 Mom-Centric Web Design Trends
A possible trend we see on the horizon for mom-centric websites is the use of transparent effects, which can evoke both the softness associated with babies and the new sophistication associated with today's affluent moms.» 0 Comments
Capturing Mom's Holiday Shopping Dollars
Moms with older children expect to spend more than last year. This is good news for marketers and brands with the right marketing plans in place to capture holiday sales.» 0 Comments