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Joe Mandese is the Editor in Chief of MediaPost. You can reach Joe at joe@mediapost.com.

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  • Magna Cuts $250 Million NewFront For YouTube, Part Of 3-Year 'Preferred' Deal With Google in MediaDailyNews on 05/04/2016

    In an announcement reminiscent of the kind of stories that would kick-start the golden age network upfront TV advertising marketplace, Interpublic's Magna Global unit and Google released news that they have struck a $250 million "newfront" deal for Magna's clients to run on YouTube. Precise terms of the Magna Google deal were not disclosed, but it is a nine-figure deal covering five quarters and was part of a three-year deal with Google negotiated by Magna U.S. President David Cohen and his team.

  • Xaxis Taps AOL's Hammond As First CTO in Real-Time Daily on 05/03/2016

    WPP's Xaxis unit has named long-time ad technology executive Bob Hammond its first CTO. Hammond, who most recently was vice president-engineering for mobile ad platforms at AOL's AOL Platforms unit, will oversee Xaxis' engineering and technical operations and will coordinate with its specialist companies Light Reaction, pista and ActionX.

  • Havas Media Ups Hiltz To Global Brands, Taps Kinsella To Run North America in MediaDailyNews on 05/03/2016

    Havas has restructured its North American media group, promoting Lori Hiltz to CEO of global brands and naming former Mindshare chief Colin Kinsella to succeed her as CEO of Havas Media North America. Hiltz, who joined Havas in 2010 from Omnicom's PHD, assumes oversight of global client relationships. She will continue to be based in the U.S. and joins two existing CEOs of global brands for Havas Media Group -- Pascal Dasseux, based in France, and Martin Dufty, located in Spain.

  • Flattry Will Get You Nowhere: Blocker Joins Micropayer To Bypass Ads in Real-Time Daily on 05/03/2016

    In the rapidly shape-shifting world of digital advertising and content gatekeepers, one of the world's most distributed ad-blocking platforms has teamed up with a "microdonations" service to launch a new variant that will enable users to "frictionlessly" pay publishers with tiny micropayments while they are browsing their pages. That's the announcement being made this morning by Europe's Adblock Plus and Flattr, which are coming together to form Flattr Plus, a mashup they claim will "let hundreds of millions of users directly and sustainably fund content they love -- without reliance on ads, paywalls or paying for single articles."

  • Digital Video Ad Spending Soars, Budgets Coming Mainly From TV in Online Video Daily on 05/02/2016

    Ad spending on original digital -- both desktop and mobile -- programming has more than doubled since 2014, and those budgets have come primarily out of television, according to findings of a survey of advertiser and agency executives released this morning by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Results of the survey, which suggest a significant shift is taking place in the TV/video advertising marketplace, not surprisingly were released this morning by the IAB on the first day of its week-long Digital Content NewFronts in New York City.

  • IAB Releases LEAN Scoring Roadmap, Will Develop Algos By Q4 in MediaDailyNews on 04/29/2016

    The IAB's tech lab this morning released a "product roadmap" for a scoring methodology for its LEAN initiative designed to create better consumer experiences that mitigate some of the reasons for them to block digital ads. The scoring framework is intended as more of a "guide" for creating better consumer experiences than an industry standard.

  • Visa 'Everywhere' Initiative Goes Somewhere New, Into Its Own API in MediaDailyNews on 04/28/2016

    Visa today kicks off the second year of a contest for startups to develop innovative new applications and business models that can help the financial services brand stay ahead of the kind of disruption startups can create for big, established brand marketers. In a twist from last year when Visa introduced the so-called "Everywhere Initiative," this year's competition includes a challenge for startups to develop applications that are integrated directly into Visa's global electronic payments system, VisaNet, demonstrating just how integral startup innovation is becoming for mainstream brands.

  • From Spots & Dots To Bots: How Silicon Valley Is Taking The Friction Out Of Madison Avenue in MediaDailyNews on 04/26/2016

    Bots, AI and augmented reality took center stage during one of the best one-day immersions into how startup infused technologies are transforming the relationship between consumers and brands from intrusive advertising interruptions to welcome "conversational marketing" experiences. The showcase, the ninth edition of The Media Kitchen's annual Digital Media Venture Capital Conference in New York, may have focused on bright shiny technology solutions, but it was mainly about understanding the friction that exists between consumers and brands, and figuring out how to remove it.

  • GroupM Questions Digital's 'Integrity,' Estimates Ad-Blocking Averaging 22% in MediaDailyNews on 04/25/2016

    Singling out ad-blocking in particular and fraud and viewability issues in general, GroupM this morning released a report calling for an "industry-wide collaboration" to address a variety of "integrity" issues plaguing the digital media marketplace. "We are not now, nor have we ever been, in 'steady state' with digital advertising," GroupM Chief Digital Officer Rob Norman states in the report.

  • Digital Tax Filings Appear Less-Than-Turbo-Charged, Uniques Flatten Around 2016 Deadline in MediaDailyNews on 04/22/2016

    Are American taxpayers regressing to analog media? At least as far as tax preparation is concerned? That would seem to be the case based on an analysis of the Digital Traffic Index comparing the time surrounding the Internal Revenue Service's annual tax filing deadlines. In 2015, April 15 -- the normal IRS filing deadline -- hit the high mark for the year in terms of total unique users (an index of 131.72), as well as desktop uniques (151.58 index), though mobile uniques were relatively flat (115.37 index). That finding indicated that last minute tax filers may indeed have rushed online with computers -- not mobile devices -- to make their tax filing deadlines.

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