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Kaila Colbin

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  • Move Over, Doc Searls: It's Time For A New Intention Economy  in Online Spin on 11/13/2015

    We live, so they say, in an attention economy. Attention is the fundamental scarce resource we're fighting over, the key unit of value, the One True Ring. Our attention has both scarcity and value, and as a result it is under siege. Everyone wants a piece of it, and as the clamor of those who would claim it grows ever louder, it becomes harder and harder to be heard above the ruckus. But there is a breaking point -- and we're nearing it.

  • Wanted -- No, Needed: Digital Philosophers  in Online Spin on 10/30/2015

    In an excellent essay earlier this year, philosopher Thomas Wells argued that "Advertising is a natural resource extraction industry, like a fishery. Its business is the harvest and sale of human attention. We are the fish and we are not consulted."

  • To Stop The Ad-Blockers, Forget About The Ads in Online Spin on 10/23/2015

    So we have established that the ad-blocking thing is a bit of a crisis. And we've looked at the measures the IAB is taking to make advertising more awesome for people -- too little, too late. What, then, might the solution be?

  • Ad-Blocking Horse Leaves; IAB Closes Barn Door  in Online Spin on 10/16/2015

    People are installing ad-blockers at an epidemic rate. It's a crisis not only for advertisers but also for the entire economic ecosystem underpinning the Internet. We are semi-unintentionally undermining the entire foundation of the Web world. But of course you know this already. Everyone has heard this. Except, apparently, the Interactive Advertising Bureau, which has only just been brought up to speed.

  • Organizational Enlightenment Risks Throwing Management Baby Out With Bathwater in Online Spin on 10/09/2015

    There is a temptation among progressive, pro-social entrepreneurs - people like Tony Hsieh of Zappos or Ben Kaufman, (formerly) of Quirky - driven, I believe, by a desire to to do things in a more awesome way. I suspect that most who succumb to this temptation are acting out of goodwill and benevolence of purpose. I'm talking about the temptation to reject the corporate structures of recent decades. I'm talking about the temptation to declare that, just because a certain kind of work environment is meaningless and soul-destroying, it has nothing of value to offer. I'm talking about the temptation to believe that '90s capitalism -- call it Capitalism 1.0 -- is evil, but today's capitalism -- 2.0, natch -- is not.

  • Ad Blocking Is Destroying The Internet -- And That Might Be Just What It Needs  in Online Spin on 09/25/2015

    Psst. Over here. Yes, you. I have a secret. Promise you won't tell? OK, here goes: You know how you can get all this amazing free stuff on the Internet? You can read anything you want, learn anything you want, watch anything you want? Well, that's the secret: It isn't actually free.

  • Sorry, Morgan Brown: Growth IS Marketing, Just Not The Way You Think  in Online Spin on 09/18/2015

    He wrote it back in June of 2014, but it only hit my newsfeed last week: a piece by co-founder Morgan Brown, attractively (as you'd expect) titled "Ten Things I Learned Researching Ten of the World's Fastest Growing Startups." Lessons One and Two contain such worthwhile advice as, "Growth is nothing without the product" and "Growth is never 'done.'" At Lesson Three, however -- "Growth is not marketing. Marketing is not growth" -- I take exception.

  • Haptic Impact Device Takes Virtual Reality One Step Closer To Disrupting Reality  in Online Spin on 09/11/2015

    "Does virtual reality disrupt reality?" That's the question Singularity University's David Roberts posed on a sunny spring day in Mountain View.

  • Maybe Uber Won't Lead The Autonomous Car Revolution After All in Online Spin on 09/04/2015

    Um, so, remember how last week I was saying that Uber would be the main force driving (haha) the transition to autonomous vehicles? I may have been wrong.

  • Because Of Uber, Self-Driving Cars Will Be Everywhere -- And Soon in Online Spin on 08/28/2015

    Regular readers of my column will be aware that I've become a little obsessed with exponentially accelerating technology of late. I blame Singularity University, where I spent a week in March. There I heard that Intel's Gordon Moore was more correct than even he realized when he came up with his now-famous law about the performance pace of computing doubling every 18 months. Moore's Law doesn't just apply to computers. It applies to any information-enabled technology, like robotics, nanotech, artificial intelligence, and more -- all moving inexorably along an exponentially accelerating curve. Hang out with the SU folks long enough, and you'll start believing this progression just kind of... happens, regardless of circumstances. You'll feel that technology carries its own momentum, that we are all being swept along by it, that nothing can stand in its way. But of course, there's nothing inevitable about the progress of technology. Even when it's following a predictable, consistent doubling curve, someone has to be hustling it along.

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